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Chatting with Maid Marian: Christie Laing on the OUAT Finale’s Big Twist

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Warning: Major OUAT spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched Sunday’s exhilarating 2-hour finale yet, turn back now!

After Snow White and company spent the better half of the third season trying to defeat Zelena (better known as The Wicked Witch of the West), you’d think the witch’s death would mean happily ever after for our fairy tale heroes. Alas, that is not how things work on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Sunday’s 2-hour finale found Emma and Hook sent back to the past via Zelena’s time portal, witnessing our favourite fairy tales unravel all over again — and trying their best not to change the future.

Well, as Christie Laing might tell you, that didn’t work out so well for them. The Canadian actress first portrayed Maid Marian in season 2 of OUAT, after which Marian mysteriously died off-screen, leaving Robin Hood a single widower. Now, thanks to Emma’s little trip back in time, Marian is alive and kicking–and back in Storybrooke. In an exclusive Hudsucker interview with Christie Laing, Laing dishes on Marian’s reappearance, her favourite OUAT princess, and which ship she’s secretly rooting for.

The Hudsucker: Given that your character, Marian, was said to have died before this season started, how did you react when you found out you would be reprising the role?

Christie Liang: I was SO excited, and very surprised. I couldn’t wait for her story to be explored.

The Hudsucker: When did you find out that Marian would be playing such a pivotal role in the season finale?

Laing: The day before filming. The great thing about OUAT is the stories are often as much as a surprise to us as the audience.

The Hudsucker: When you first appeared in season 2’s “Lacey”, Robin Hood was portrayed by Tom Ellis. Since then, he has been portrayed by Sean Maguire. What was it like working with Sean this time?

Liang: Sean is absolutely lovely and very easy on the eyes. He’s a fantastic Robin.

The Hudsucker: This season has been all about the relationship between Robin Hood and Regina — or as fans love to call them, Outlaw Queen. What does your reappearance as Robin’s wife mean for them? 

Laing: We will have to watch and see.

The Hudsucker: Speaking of, the OUAT fandom is known for being passionate about their ships–Swan Queen, Captain Swan, Sleeping Hook–just to name a few. Is there any particular ship you’re rooting for?

Laing: I’ve just started to learn about ships, or shipping? [Laughs] I’m still not sure what’s correct. I really enjoy the dynamic of Captain Swan especially since I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and Colin the most throughout filming and they’re such lovely people.

The Hudsucker: Is there any chance we’ll get to see Marian again next season?

Laing. Oohhh… I hope so!

The Hudsucker: Any thoughts on what can we expect to see in season 4?

Laing: Knowing how incredibly talented and creative the OUAT writers are, I honestly can’t even imagine where they’re going to take the audience on their next journey.

The Hudsucker: Once Upon a Time is one of ABC’s biggest hit shows, with consistently high ratings and a rabid fan-base. What’s it like joining a show with such a large following?

Laing: Joining OUAT is such a privilege. The cast and crew are doing outstanding work which is why they have the best fans ever.

The Hudsucker: The stories in Once Upon a Time are largely based on famous fairy tales and legends, such as Robin Hood. What was your favourite fairy tale growing up?

Laing: “Sleeping Beauty” is my absolute favourite! And Sarah Bolger is so perfect on OUAT as Aurora.

The Hudsucker: Besides ‘Once’, you’ve also appeared on another popular sci-fi/fantasy show that’s filmed in Vancouver: Arrow. Will we get to see Carly Diggle again any time soon?

Laing: I really hope so! There’s so much more about Carly I would like to explore. The cast and crew over there are incredible and I would love to head back to the Glades anytime.

* * * * *

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