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How to Wear This Season’s Power Color: Yellow

Bright, luxurious colors rocked all the runways recently, and yellow is one of this summer’s biggest trends. Yellow is bold and charming, and is associated with energy, joy, and freshness. Who wouldn’t like a little more joy in their lives? Bringing yellow into your wardrobe this season can certainly make you feel ready to embrace all the joys of summer. 

Yellow has a reputation of being a color that is a little tricky to wear, so it doesn’t seem to be a go-to for many people. That’s what makes it the perfect thing to try when you’re looking for a change! Since yellow is this season’s power color, it will undoubtedly find its way into everyone’s closet. Incorporating little pieces of yellow into your existing wardrobe is a great way to embrace the trend for those who don’t want to do a complete overhaul of their look. Below are some ways to wear yellow this summer that will work for just about everyone.

Image Credit – Flickr/Maegan Tintari

Nail Polish

I have always been a fan of using nail polish to change up my look. It’s an easy way to try out a trendy color to see if it works for you. I actually just recently painted my nails yellow. I admit that I was skeptical at first, because yellow is a bold statement, but I ended up loving how fresh and cheerful it looked.

I chose a cheerful sunflower yellow, a pretty safe choice in terms of complimenting my usual outfits, but experimenting with different shades can be a lot of fun. Trying a neon yellow or even a pale, pastel yellow are unexpected as far as nail colors and are sure to amp up your summer looks.

Image Credit – Flickr/Michael Patterson


For the men, switching out your usual black or blue ties for a summery yellow one is the perfect way to prepare your wardrobe for the season. You don’t have to worry that you’ll look unprofessional by wearing a bright tie, because yellow can certainly look classy. Plus, ties come in all sorts of patterns, so you likely won’t have a problem finding one you like.

Yellow pairs really nicely with gray, one of my favorite color combinations, because the warm-toned yellow is an appealing contrast to the cool-toned gray. Wearing a yellow tie with a gray shirt with exude stylishness and you’ll look put together and confident in any situation. Another great color combo is yellow and navy.


Much like painting your nails or choosing a different tie, wearing yellow jewelry is a perfect way to try out yellow this summer without making a huge commitment to the trend. A bold statement necklace with a navy dress or a pair of dainty yellow earrings can add a pop of this season’s “it” color to your look. Jewelry is interchangeable and can be found at any price point, so it would fast and easy to try out the trend this way.

The great thing about jewelry is that even if you purchase it in a non-neutral color like yellow, it will still be able to coordinate with many of your more timeless pieces already in your wardrobe. A little black dress can handle anything!


Image Credit – Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Yellow makeup probably seems a little out there for most people, but just imagine how summery you would feel sporting fun yellow eye makeup on a gorgeous sunny day! Though probably best saved for a day off from work, a bold yellow makeup look could be just the thing to help you shine during the warm summer months. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara all come in fun colors like bright yellow. Choosing one bright cosmetic at a time, paired with neutral ones elsewhere, will give you a chic, runway inspired summer look!

Image Credit - Ralph Lauren Collection

Image Credit – Ralph Lauren Collection


If you’re feeling bold enough and want to embrace this summer’s color trend head on, invest in a few pieces of yellow clothing to bring into your summer rotation. Whether you want to try out neon yellow or a more serene pastel shade, there are surely plenty of clothing items that can round out your existing wardrobe.

A yellow shirt or pair of shorts can perfectly accent something you already own and still look fresh in the summer’s biggest color. A yellow dress in a classic A-line style will be wearable past the season, as well. When paired with neutrals, yellow won’t seem overpowering or inappropriate for dressier situations.

There are plenty of ways to experiment with this season’s color. What’s your favorite way to wear yellow?

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