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Tania is currently the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Hudsucker, and Senior Editor at the Nashville, Tennessee based PopCulture.com. With past writing and editing credits with Womanista, Quietly, the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) and NBC Newsvine, she is currently a member of Indianapolis based, Society of Professional Journalists — one of the oldest organizations in the U.S. that promotes and represents journalists. She is an avid Indianapolis Colts, Elvis Presley and baseball fan as well as a lover of pancakes and fine cheeses, film, and music. Tania is a Hoosier at heart with a passionate wanderlust for always traveling and giving back to those in her community. She is currently studying at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Follow Tania on Twitter: @westlifebunny.

Letter from The Editor: Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

Letter from the Editor - December 2014

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. ”
~ Buddha

Dear Readers,

Today we celebrate two years since The Hudsucker’s inception! After last year’s milestone, we’ve really grown into our own and it’s been a fun ride so far. As the Editor-in-Chief of a pop-culture and lifestyle digital magazine, I’m extremely humbled and honored that I get to share the joy of our success with such a fantastic and well-accomplished team of writers. As it can evidently be seen with the content on our site, we’ve been able to really grow not thrive in our own contributions, but together as an upcoming force in the ever-growing online realm.

{Image Credit: Getty Images/Paula Danielse}

{Image Credit: Getty Images/Paula Danielse}

This year we said goodbye to a few writers, but said hello to a few more. Our writers never fail to impress me with a lot of them really maturing in their writing style since joining. It’s incredible to watch them flourish and challenge themselves too. Being able to see them all gradually build a portfolio and think outside the box, or even pitch something that’s never been read before makes me extremely happy because they are then able to forge their own fingerprint in writing—that’s their distinguishing mark. If you’re a writer and want to take the profession and art form seriously, it ‘s important to create such a distinction with your words because your writing comes straight from the heart. Showcasing who you are is key to relating to the world. Every feeling, emotion, thought you are conjuring up needs to be genuine in order to be appreciated by readers. There are tons of digital magazines out there just publishing for publishing’s sake, making lists upon lists of ridiculousness, and that’s not the way writing should work. An essential ingredient to finding success in your writing needs to come from a solid passion. You need to be able to fall in love with your dreams in order to really grasp not just who you are, but who you want to be and where you want to go. Without that unadulterated passion, you will not feel fulfilled.

It’s been said that you are what you do. So if you do boring, silly, monotonous work that goes against every dream you’ve ever had, chances are you will end up as a boring, silly and monotonous individual. That’s not what life’s about in any facet. Look at successful individuals in the business world—they absolutely love what they do! And though they may have taken risks to get where they are, they end up with one of the most rewarding experiences in life, with many more following in their footsteps because of such passion.

However, through passion you must maintain patience because, realistically—you will never get successful overnight. You need to have a sound strategy and a fierce commitment to a dream. By keeping your dreams alive, you’re building an understanding within yourself that requires faith and belief not just in the dream, but yourself, your path, and dedication. Something I learned through my career in writing and journalism came from profiling the Executive VP of Global Communications for The Estee Lauder Companies Inc., Alexandra Trower for the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF). Trower said, “Ask for what you need and what you want. Don’t be afraid of being told no. Just find another way to ask.”

These words resonated with me and I’m lucky to say, something I had in me all along. You can’t meet with success solely drawing from your passions if you can’t speak up for what you want. If you create weak boundaries without any order, nothing will be accomplished. To be successful in any business and professional venture you must communicate powerfully, incite support and build connections. By faltering on a dream, not only do you expose insecurities but you won’t be able to move forth with your true passions; ultimately failing to deliver such successful outcomes in both your life and the working world.

When you have passion, it can be one of the most powerful feelings ever witnessed. That enthusiasm we all have inside of us is infectious and when you combine it with work, you’re setting yourself up for achieving and reaching true success. The Hudsucker is a testament of passion—passion for writing, passion for the arts, and passion for building relationships with like minds. When you can be proud and enthusiastic about your work, you will be more equipped to overcome challenges and obstacles that occasionally arise when moving up in a career. Not only does this continuously push us to test our limits, but it inclines us to work harder when improving ourselves.

My best friend once told me, “Find something you believe in and chase it.” Of course, such words came from him because he isn’t able to pursue his true dream, partially due to the obligations of life and a walking oddity. Passion needs motivation, dedication, and encouragement. They are the accelerators of passion that keep you going in those long hours and help you make the most of not just your capabilities, but your true talents. Remember, nothing is ever truly work unless you rather be doing something else.

{Image Credit: Flickr/YFCOKCNE}

In accordance to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it’s important to recognize that there are always basic human needs that need be addressed before moving forth and pursuing passions. Of course, those are all fundamental needs like physiological, safety, love/belonging, and so on. Once these needs are all truly met, only then can you move towards the “self-actualization” phase. In this phase, you will find creativity, motivation and an interesting perspective to life that has you questioning purpose and the needs necessary for fulfillment. It is here that you will find passion. When you take the time to live life fully and value your talents, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

In the case of my best friend, his passion was pursuing the arts and theater but instead, he’s in law enforcement. It’s one thing to quit because you’ve lost passion for the dream, but it’s another to quit because others have conditioned you to believe it’s impractical or unworthy. It’s always practical to nurture and encourage a passion whether it’s paid or unpaid because it’s harnessing the real you, while furthering personal growth within a dream.

My writers are perfect examples of passionate writers. A lot of them go above and beyond with their writing, and it’s really something. They are amazing and though I am their EIC, I am someone who believes that you really are your own career. The Hudsucker might be a job for our writers, but it’s just that. Each writer at this site is their own boss—you can ask any one of them. The biggest mistake businesses and online magazines make is believing that you are working for somebody else and writing within their style, when really you are the sole driving force of your own portfolio, style, and career.

This year, some of our writers went on to create their own exclusive series focusing on different forms of the arts and entertainment; while others boldly ventured out, conducting interviews with upcoming stars and respected performers. Throughout the months our team collaborated on several pieces like the Oscars, the Grammys, NFL Weekly, and holiday pieces (my favorite being the Christmas piece). Of course, each month our writers publish their own pieces as well and continue to impress us all.

Each and every one of them has true passion and you can see it in their work. When you have passion, it brings about new opportunities and opens doors. Never give up on doing what you want to do in life. Where’s there’s passion and inspiration, you can’t go wrong because it all moves you closer to your true potential and that goal of reaching personal fulfillment well into the next level of your career and life.

As we are ushered into another year at The Hudsucker, I want to take a moment to thank my team of Editors for always being there and helping me along; our lovely and talented team of writers; and of course, our readers. We wouldn’t be here without you reading, commenting and basically, liking us. Here’s to another year of great content with more one-of-a-kind writing  to come!


Read. Think. Repeat…

And love without fear in your heart.


Tania Hussain
Editor-in-Chief, The Hudsucker

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