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The Pretty Files: Fall Makeup Trend

Summer has left us (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere and in that case welcome back to warmer days!) I have been reluctantly packing away my sundresses and my flip flops and looking ahead to sweaters, boots, and scarves. I have also been taking a look at my makeup bag. With the change in season I’m ready for a new look and with New York Fashion Week having just ended I have plenty of ideas. I am personally so inspired and excited about fall’s makeup trends and I hope you will be, too because they are simple, chic, and universally flattering. They are also a little near and dear to me because they throwback to my teen and college years.

cindy crawford

Image Credit: The Tommy’s Team

Ladies and gentlemen, the 90s are back. Fall 2014’s signature makeup trend is 90s neutral. It’s time to tap into your inner Cindy Crawford: mostly matte soft brown shadow with some smudgy liner, lots and lots of lashes, glowing cheeks, a bold brow, and perhaps my favorite the iconic brown-rose lipstick. I am so excited to see this look back in play because it is so wearable. It goes from day to date effortlessly and if you swap out the lipstick, perhaps a red for a fancy night out or a deep, black-plum for a concert, you have a look that can take you anywhere. Of course, everything 90s is new again (Coca Cola even briefly relaunched Surge soda!) Part of that is in thanks to general nostalgia and the way that styles rotate (70s were big when I was a teen, then we had our 80s moment for a few years) but I have to give credit where credit is due. A large part of this 90s inspired makeup trend is the result of the popularity of Kylie Jenner. Her fresh, simple and neutral makeup has been a breath of fresh air as compared to her sister Kim Kardashian’s more sculpted and hyper-contoured look. Kylie’s look is more accessible and that’s beautiful.

However accessible doesn’t always mean wallet-friendly. That’s why I’m here to give you a rundown of my favorite inexpensive options to get a perfect, Cindy Crawford-meets-Kylie Jenner 90s look so you can be on point for fall and not break the bank.

Brows: This is probably going to be the most expensive item suggested but I believe that if you are going to brave a bold brow you need to have a good product that will make your hard work last all day. For me this product is Ofra’s Universal Eyebrow Pencil. I love this pencil. It’s a color that works for almost every hair color (I’m presently blonde and I wear this pencil, trust me) and it has a slightly waxy consistency that really locks my brows into place. The product lasts well on the face, but it also is just a good value. I’ve had my pencil for six months and I’m just now coming to the end of it. It runs around $13 and you really can’t go wrong.

Eyeshadow: Drugstore eyeshadow gets a really bad rap, but when you are testing out a trend it’s a handy way to get to know a color range without investing a huge amount of money. Right now I am loving Nyx Cosmetics’ Adorable palette. At $7.50 you get six nicely pigmented shadows with a mix of finishes so you can create a clean look or go ultra glam while being on trend. I have found this palette to be a good alternative for some of the pricier Urban Decay Naked palettes.

Eyeliner: The eyeshadow may be brown and smokey but the eyeliner is what gives it the smudged effortless look that really ties it together and for this I love a black eyeliner smudged right at the lashline for some definition but not to overpower. That’s right, there really aren’t wings in the 90s look (though you can do them!) I’ve been loving Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in black for this. Put a thin line at the base of your lashes, smudge a bit with a liner brush or a cotton swab and you have fabulous eyes. That this liner is waterproof is a huge plus because it’s more long-wearing. Oh and it’s only $4.49. Just add some mascara (and I have some great suggestions here) and you are good to go.

Blush: A little warmth, a little softness, a gentle glow. These are the things you want for this look. Almost any Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush will give you this, but the color Luminoso is my hands-down favorite right now. It’s $8.49 and it takes me to my happy place, circa 1997 (that may or may not involve a cold can of Surge.)

Lips: Finally we get to the absolute ultimate even-if-you-do-nothing-else-90s makeup product that you need to be on trend for the fall. Cindy Crawford all but started a makeup revolution when she showed up in that brown lipstick back in the day and the reality is that those colors inspired by the look never left cosmetics lines. A good brown will go a long way. I’m personally a brown fanatic. I own so many brown lipsticks that picking one to suggest was really, really hard but in the end I opted for Milani Cometics Color Statement Lipstick in the shade Teddy Bare. Great, full coverage that doesn’t feel heavy, long-lasting color, absolutely beautiful not-quite-matte finish. The shade Teddy Bare is amazing on nearly every skintone and it just feels beautiful. It has eclipsed some of my prestige lipsticks (it was very hard for me to break up with MAC’s 90s cult favorite, Shitake but this lip soothed me) and I feel very awesome because this lipstick is only $5.99.

So there you have it: everything you need for the ultimate fall trend look. Got a suggestion for a different lip or eye color? Let me know in the comments. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find some flannel and rock out to some Nirvana.

Until next time!

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