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Happy National Pancake Day!

Hooray, hooray! September 26 is National Pancake Day! Last month we talked about our love for waffles and here we are about a month later with another food holiday centered around breakfast. A wise man once said that anyone who doesn’t love breakfast food must be an idiot (or something like that…) and if the quick succession in which these two holidays came is any indication, I think the food-holiday-world agrees with this brilliant, brilliant man.

Pancakes hold a special place in my heart because I am pretty sure that this was the first food that I learned how to cook myself. I have memories of a little 12 year old me measuring out the ingredients, discovering that if I added some vanilla extract to the batter (which was from a box, no shame) and an extra egg the pancakes came out even better. Quickly, I became my family’s go to pancake maker which made me feel very special! Of course, being 10 years older and 100 batches of pancakes later (give or take), I realize that my parents handing me that title probably had more to do with how annoying they are to make and less to do with my culinary abilities. I don’t hold any hard feelings either way, as I believe that making pancakes started my interest in cooking and baking which is still alive, and stronger than ever, today. To celebrate, I’ve collected a few of my favorite ways to make pancakes and anxious to share them with you below…

Image Credit: Ree Drummond

Basic Pancakes {via food.com}
Pancakes are not hard to make and have simple ingredients, so one would think that it’d be very easy to find a great recipe. Not so much! I’ve been searching for a good pancake recipe for a very long time and, admittedly, haven’t found one that I’m ready to use for the rest of my life yet. With that being said – this is the one that I am currently using, the only change I make to it is to add 2 tsp vanilla extract. It’s a reliable recipe that can easily be multiplied if you need to and I find that I get fluffy pancakes every time!

Buttermilk Pancakes {via allrecipes}
Buttermilk is one of my favorite ingredients to use in the kitchen. I know that might sound strange (and random) but it does a really great job at kicking whatever you are making up a notch without adding a lot of extra fat or fuss. In these, I find it especially wonderful and it works to create a nice light pancake with a little bit of a tang. If you’re craving diner style pancakes but don’t want to leave your home for the diner: try this recipe.

Image Credit: Maria Lichty

Mini Maple Pancake Muffins {via allrecipes}
I alluded to this above, but pancakes are a pain to make. They are so worth it but they are pretty annoying for whoever is actually making them. That person (most often me) is usually still at the stove flipping pancake after pancake while the rest of the family eats, and by the time that person (ME!) makes the last one, everybody else is done with the meal. This does not happen if you turn pancakes into muffins! You get the same texture and taste as pancakes but they all bake at the same time and work great as a portable snack. There are chocolate chips in this recipe and corresponding picture but I’ve never actually used them. The muffins taste great without them!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes {via two peas & their pod}
How seasonal of us, right? These scream special Sunday morning brunch. I really cannot emphasize how delicious these are, you must make them at least once this Fall or Winter. Pumpkin, when added to baked goods, tends to increase their caki-ness, which makes for a really yummy pancake. That in combination with all the fall spices and cinnamon streusel you add on top (yup, STREUSEL on your PANCAKES): absolutely delicious decadence.

Image Credit: Angie Dudley

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes {via the pioneer woman}
How not-seasonal of us, right? I just couldn’t let National Pancake Day float away without mentioning these though. Lemon and blueberry are a pretty typical combination and it’s for good reason. When put together they really help to bring out the best in each other (I realize I am coming dangerously close to describing two foods as if they were in a passionate relationship but I’m very passionate about food!). The lemon zest brings out the tartness of the berries and the berries bring out the brightness in the lemon zest all while nestled in pillow-y blankets of fluffy cake…why aren’t we making these right this minute?

Hoecakes {via martha stewart}
I’M NOT INSULTING YOU. Just had to put that out there because every time I make or order these whoever I am with always follows it up with, “Excuse me?!” I have to believe it’s because the Northern United States (where I live) is not as familiar with these pancakes as people in the South are, so they assume I’m calling them a name when all I’m trying to do is make a delicious stack of cornmeal cakes. If you love cornbread or corn muffins and haven’t tried these yet, I highly suggest this be the recipe you take away from me, as they are a blend of a traditional pancake and cornbread. One note: these are not sweet like some store bought corn baked goods are so if you are used to that sweetness your taste buds might be confused at first, but after a few bites they’ll come around.

How many pancakes will you be eating today?

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