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7 Decadent Recipes You Have to Make for Chocolate Chip Baking Day

Surprise: Today is another food holiday! For some reason, I can’t seem to tired of them at all no matter how many there are, and I hope you are with me. Ultimately they are just another excuse to enjoy something delicious and we should get behind that any day. Even though I didn’t have a […]

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7 Recipes to Celebrate International Waffle Day That Will Get Anyone out of Bed

If there is one food around that most of us can support having a food holiday for, it’s probably waffles. One of the most pleasing and glorious foods out there, I think I’d even support having a monthly food holiday celebrating them. This could totally work because not only can waffles be enjoyed as is […]

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5 Recipes to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Today is National Pizza Day, which is quite possibly the best food holiday all year. Pizza is the perfect food for every occasion – cold pizza for breakfast, fancy pizza for dinner, delivery to a party, and so on. Some of my favorite childhood food memories are of pizza days at school, and even into […]

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Popular Sandwiches from Around the World

Today is National Sandwich Day! What do you picture in your mind when you hear the word sandwich? Is it the combination of peanut butter and jelly on white bread that mundanely greeted you at lunch time on a school day like it is for me? Not that there is anything wrong with a PB&J […]

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Happy National Pancake Day!

Hooray, hooray! September 26 is National Pancake Day! Last month we talked about our love for waffles and here we are about a month later with another food holiday centered around breakfast. A wise man once said that anyone who doesn’t love breakfast food must be an idiot (or something like that…) and if the […]

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Happy National Waffle Day!

Tomorrow is National Waffle Day! It’s time to embrace our inner Leslie Knope’s and enjoy waffle after waffle all day long. Luckily for us, waffles are very easy to eat for every meal of the day. They lend themselves well to breakfast, brunch, lunch, a snack, dinner, dessert, and another snack. That might sound like […]

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