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Catching up with The Flash’s Patrick Sabongui

Back in May our Janna Jeffrey spoke with Patrick Sabongui about his turn in the summer’s biggest blockbuster, Godzilla. These days the actor is in another hot project—The CW’s hit new superhero series, The Flash. The Hudsucker caught up with the talented actor to chat about his new role as David Singh—Barry Allen’s boss at the Central City Police Department.


Image Credit: Alex Chain

The Hudsucker: Your character, David Singh, is a fixture in the Flash comics. Do you feel any pressure in your role because of that?

Patrick Sabongui: I don’t think so. It’s kind of like playing a character from a play. You know other people have strong opinions on how Hamlet or Stanley Kowalksi should be played, but your job is to interpret the character and come up with your unique take on the role. I definitely feel a responsibility to do right by the writers, the fans and the story…but I wouldn’t define it as pressure.

THS: Did you read up on The Flash comics to prepare for your role?

Sabongui: I did. I was really into comics for awhile as a kid. I enjoyed getting back into it. I was in New York around the time I was auditioning for this. I remember running out to a comic book store to pick up The New 52. I’d heard so many great things about it, and this was an opportunity to splurge on the whole collection. I mean, it was for work after all.

THS: So do you consider yourself a comic book fan? Do you have a favorite character or title?

Sabongui: I guess you can say I’m a comic book fan. I’ve always loved that vivid way of telling stories. I think we all did at some phase in our lives. I’ve always had a fascination with The Punisher. My first collection was the Mike Baron and Klaus Johnson series, and that black and white magazine although I don’t think I’ve got them anymore. My favorite character right now is Barry Allen, the Flash.

THS: So if you could be any hero, who would you be and why?

Sabongui: Good question. I’ve always thought of myself as Wolverine, but I think that’s just ’cause I wanted to play him. His powers still seem pretty painful to him, I don’t know if I’d actually be into that lifestyle. Maybe this isn’t terribly original, but I’d have to say Spidey. I love that he doesn’t fly, but can get around so easily anyway. And he’s just the right balance of cocky and vulnerable. And there’s the whole climbing thing.

THS: What is your general approach or take to playing David Singh?

Sabongui: The same as with any other role, really. I feel like Singh has to be on top of everything going on at the CCPD, so I pay attention to what’s happening elsewhere in the episode, and I try to figure out what Singh and the police are aware vs. what is secret Flash/S. T. A. R. Labs stuff. Singh seems to have very little patience with almost everyone, so I often have to find what it is about each scene that irritates him, which is kinda fun.

THS: What has been your favorite moment on The Flash thus far?

Sabongui: I’ve been lucky to have many memorable experiences. Any scene with Jesse or Grant is bound to be a highlight. Without giving anything away, there are a few really high-intensity moments coming up between Singh and…other characters. I love those scenes. The big blow ups are always great.

THS: You’ve done some great stunt work in your career. Have you been tapping into that for your role on the Flash?

Sabongui: Not yet, but in the comics Singh rolls up his sleeves and gets involved when he has to. I’m looking forward to that kind of stuff for sure.

THS: Last time we spoke with you, you were playing Master Sergeant Marcus Waltz in the awesome blockbuster Godzilla. What was it like going from a blockbuster like that to a hotly-anticipated show about a beloved character?

Sabongui: It’s f****ng awesome. Can I swear? Sorry, but it’s true. In fact, I found out that The Flash was going to series on the day of the Godzilla premiere in Hollywood. I was in my hotel room getting ready and the fans tweeted at me that it was a go. I didn’t believe it at first, but I’ll never doubt the Flash fans again! The experience of being part of something this cool never gets old.

THS: The show is keeping you super busy, but do you have any updates on your organization, Fulfilling Young Artists, that you’d like to share?

Sabongui: Well, we’re just wrapping up our 2014 program. Over the course of the six-month mentorship program the mentees have been developing what we call “Unique Works,” which are 1 to 5 minute original performances, sketches or films. They’ll be presenting them next month as sort of a end-of-program celebration in front of an audience of their mentors, their peers, their families and friends. I’m always blown away by what these young actors come up with. We ask them to create an original piece that comes from their unique artistic voice: “If you had a chance to speak to the entire world through your art, what would you say?” Watching these creative young minds dig into that question for a few months is amazing, and the results always surprise and inspire me.

To keep up with Patrick Sabongui’s upcoming projects, follow him on Twitter. For more information about Fulfilling Young Artists, check out their official website.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW.

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