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Actor Curtis Lum Talks ‘Supergirl’ and Mermaids

Television and pop culture’s enthusiasm for all things superhero and science-fiction as of lately shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. With a plethora of comicbook-inspired shows leading primetime television, The X-Files returning for its 11th and even Freeform’s upcoming mermaid-themed dark fantasy, Siren, set to debut in 2018 — it’s a phenomenal time for TV. And […]

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Radek Lord of HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Talks the Art of Being an Actor

Whether they’re fresh faces or indie darlings, audiences are introduced to new and gifted young actors every season in Hollywood. While some young actors have solidified their Hollywood stardom, landing coveted roles and turning studio projects into blockbusters, others are on the verge of achieving it, like Radek Lord — one of industry’s freshest new […]

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Source: Melissa Gidney

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Actor Jason Bell Talks Stunt Work and the New Installment

Over the weekend, millions of theaters worldwide housed teenagers, children, and adults alike twitching with excitement over the newest installment of their favorite sci-fi franchise, Star Trek Beyond. Fans of the popular Star Trek films and television series, also known as “Trekkies”, donned their best U.S.S. Enterprise uniforms and practiced their Vulcan salutes as they […]

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That Face You Know: BLACKWAY’s Aleks Paunovic

Some actors break into the big leagues with some of their very first roles and burn out not long after. Some, unfortunately, never really make it beyond bit parts and commercials. Others, like Canadian actor Aleks Paunovic, build a steady career with solid roles, varied characters, challenging projects, and earn themselves an impressive resume with […]

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Actress, Tammy Gillis Talks the Pressures and Privileges of Portraying an American Hero

Taking on the role of an American soldier and hero is a daunting task for many actors to attempt. For actress Tammy Gillis, having the opportunity to depict such a courageous character was a hurdle worth jumping. The newest installment of the Hallmark Signed, Sealed, Delivered series, Impossible Dream, is a story based on the […]

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iZombie’s Newest Femme Fatale: Leanne Lapp

With most shows, stories and characters are planned out months in advance. Creators, writers, and producers know exactly where the show is going, which characters will play important roles in future episodes, and how the whole thing will play out. But every so often, an actor’s performance in a small role will be so inspiring […]

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Orphan Black’s Kristian Bruun on Character Growth and Tatiana Maslany

Some actors connect with a part immediately—the moment they read a script, it’s love at first sight. For others, a part can grow and develop from something small into something beyond their wildest dreams. Actor Kristian Bruun discovered the latter when he signed on almost four years ago to play Donnie Hendrix on BBC America’s […]

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On Action and Acting with Tomorrowland’s Fraser Corbett

Disney’s Tomorrowland hit theaters last Friday and for many it is just a movie and a great way to spend a couple of hours escaping reality, but for actor and stuntman Fraser Corbett it is just another moment in the fulfillment of a dream. Growing up on a farm in British Columbia, Corbett always knew […]

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Orphan Black’s Ari Millen on Creating Clones and Season 3’s Twists

For an actor, playing one role on a critically-acclaimed television series is thrilling enough. Playing five roles and counting? That’s enough to make anyone nervous. For Orphan Black actor Ari Millen, however, the nerves are always a part of the responsibility of playing a character. Cast on the show for its second season, he wasn’t […]

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Living and Loving The Artists’ Life: Chatting with Andrea Stefancikova

With more than a dozen film, television and stage credits to her name, Andrea Stefancikova is not your average actress. While prominent in the indie film circuit, the social media savvy artist is incredibly dedicated to her craft and understands the real value it brings to not just her life, but those who appreciate and understand film the way she does.

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Catching up with The Flash’s Patrick Sabongui

Back in May our Janna Jeffrey spoke with Patrick Sabongui about his turn in the summer’s biggest blockbuster, Godzilla. These days the actor is in another hot project—The CW’s hit new superhero series, The Flash. The Hudsucker caught up with the talented actor to chat about his new role as David Singh—Barry Allen’s boss at the Central City Police Department.

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Man vs. Monster: GODZILLA’s Patrick Sabongui

Between writing, directing, and producing, many of today’s Hollywood actors wear several different hats when it comes to the projects they choose to work on. Variety is the spice of life, and actors who solely act are becoming less and less common as the years go on. But actor Patrick Sabongui chose to add a different title onto his resume: stunt man.

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The Queen of Comedy: Canada’s NAOMI SNIECKUS

As the saying goes, laughter truly is the best medicine—and if anyone knows about laughter, it’s award-winning actress, writer, and comedienne Naomi Snieckus.

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