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Corey is a contributing writer at The Hudsucker. Born in a suburb of Atlanta, he graduated with a degree in Accounting and French Linguistics from Berry College in 2009. Corey now lives and works in the Greater Atlanta Area as a TPF Programmer for the airline industry. Corey’s ever expanding list of hobbies range from spontaneous travel, super-hot pepper gardening, and home renovation, to his most recent as a moustache enthusiast. If a project ends with 10 fingers, Corey deems it a success.

Movember Mania

Credit: Movember USA

This month, our male writers took part in Movember—the annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers, and associated charities. By challenging our writers to grow their moustaches in support of raising awareness for men’s health issues, we want to get the conversation going and spread the news on the global organization’s commitment to changing the face of men’s health.

Shaving is the bane of my existence. I have more sensitive skin than a kindle of kittens. No lie, it doesn’t matter how hot a shower I take or how much after shave lotion I use—I’m going to have razor burn for days. So when I first heard about growing facial hair during November, you’d think it would’ve been my godsend right?

Wrong. Facial hair has never been my forte. Not that I haven’t wanted to grow a beard my entire life—OMG DO I —but I just knew how it was going to end up. So once a year in college I’d joke and play about finally doing it, finally committing to 30 days of a razor free existence but in the end it was never meant to be. I’d get a week in, realize I looked like a hobo, and would pick up my old nemesis so that I could walk around with razor burn for the next few days.

And so it begins

I have always been aware of No Shave November, a noble cause encouraging us to #letitgrow in the name of men’s cancer awareness. However, in 2009, I worked for a company that had a very unique policy of no beards. Period.

In 2011, I changed jobs to a more progressive corporate climate but was still shocked in November when I saw an email asking us (encouraging us!) to put on a stache for a good cause. — I didn’t. I just couldn’t do it, moustaches are weird man, I said, they’re just not right for my age group.

But this year was a little different. My grandfather was diagnosed with leukemia and seeing his battle to victory was nothing short of inspiring. So as bystander watching the bravest man I’ll ever know, fight a disease so terrible that no one deserves, I realized that if Pap could do that, the VERY LEAST I could do was look like a creep for 30 days to raise awareness.

That’s what I like about Movember. Men’s health is often overlooked, and this movement is “growing” awareness in a way that people just can’t help but talk about. A scruffy, dirty looking, uncomfortable elephant in the room—my moustache.

So I started:

Week 1 wasn’t terrible. There wasn’t much there and honestly I think most people thought I just forgot to shave. I definitely didn’t like having only my upper lip covered.

Week 2. Ugh, week two. It was just starting to get long enough to become a bother. It was right at that length to be in my mouth constantly and because of that, you find yourself looking like a goober trying to bite at it. I would’ve had better luck licking my elbow. Week 2 is also the time I had to relearn how to eat. Most people will joke about soup staying in there and they’re not wrong! But this moustache stole from me something far better than soup, it took away the ability to dive right into a sandwich. Not that I couldn’t, and not that I stopped, but I just had to understand that from this point on in my life, I will come out with whatever prevalent condiment was on that sandwich. And don’t even get me started on eggs…

Week 3 was where I noticed that the moustache finally had some direction. It wasn’t just a bunch of chaotic whiskers pointing every which way but they were finally able to be combed and forced to specific sides and even a little flip! I liked the flip, it gave it purpose. It gave me purpose, I was bound and determined to become a hipster.

But the fourth week… this very week, my final week, something happened. I bought a good can of moustache wax (Serious shout out to Firehouse Moustache Wax) and fell in love. People are still staring, but now I get comments like “cool stash” or the cherished head nod. Not to mention it’s a big hit at breweries. Coworkers tell me that they can’t remember what I used to look like… Which I take as a compliment.

Curls for the Girls

It’s been fantastic experience. Strangely, having a moustache gave me confidence to do other things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise like cut my hair and wear v-necks… So if you’ve been thinking about showing your Movember side, DO IT! You owe it to yourself and just think, you might actually change someone’s life, maybe even save it.

Did you take part in Movember? Let me know how you month was in the comments below.

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