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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

The Pretty Files: Best of 2014 Trends

Every December I like to take a look back over the year to evaluate what worked and what didn’t work in my life. This is especially true in regards to all things beauty-related. As 2014 comes to a close I’m looking back at the trends for the year that will enter my pretty canon as tried and true even going into 2015. Here are my top three beauty trends from 2014 and why you should make them part of your permanent rotation.

Image Credit: Olivia Frescura

Image Credit: Olivia Frescura

Matte Lips

Matte lip color is one of those things that never really goes out of style. It’s always part of any good makeup artist’s bag of tricks, but it’s one of those things that becomes trendy based on other variables (such as color). This year saw the return of the bold or dark nude matte lip thanks to famous faces like Kylie Jenner, but I’ll be keeping the matte look in my lipstick case going into the New Year by bringing it down from dark and trendy to something a little more natural. There is something universally flattering and incredibly polished about a soft, matte pink or rose-colored lip. It’s the little black dress of the daily wear makeup world as there is literally nothing it doesn’t look good with. Also going into my 2015 back of tricks? A dramatic matte red (I’m obsessed with Clinique’s Matte Crimson). It’s another classic that just happened to be trendy this year.

Nude Nails

I am incredibly hard on my nails. Part of that is a lack of natural grace, but a good chunk of it comes from a lot of hand washing and sanitizing in my work as a makeup artist. As a result I have a very hard time keeping a manicure looking good for more than a day or two (I don’t do Shellac. I have my reasons.) The nude nail trend of 2014 was a huge blessing for me. Light or natural-toned nail polish colors show chips far less than darker colors. They also just look classy and are easy to achieve at home without having to have particularly great manicure skills. Nude nails are quick, simple and go with everything. You can add an accent nail for some interest.

Defined Eyebrows

Eyebrows are often referred to as the frame for the face and I really feel this is true. I can’t really put my finger on why, but having filled in, carefully defined (but not overdone) brows are the ultimate finishing touch on any makeup look. I’ll go for a finished brow over statement lips or even much in the way of eye makeup any day. Nothing I have seen says we’ll be shifting to super skinny brows in 2015, but even if we did I’d still be sticking with my defined, full brow. They look like you take care of yourself without being high maintenance. Instant polish, every time.

As you can see, the big trends this year that left a lasting impact on me were the ones that were classy, polished, and sophisticated, things that really just enhanced my normal, natural look. I guess you could say I gravitate towards myself, only prettier which is honestly what it’s all about. I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to offer in the world of beauty. I’ll see you back in January where we’ll dive right into the 2015 color of the year, Marsala!

What were some of your favorite trends from this past year? Let us know in the comments below.

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