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Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks vs Patriots

The excitement had been brewing all season for a showdown of this kind. Even for football fans who didn’t cheer for either team (like myself) or for people who aren’t fans of the game, it’s a good excuse to eat junk food, maybe have a few drinks, hang out with friends and maybe watch a great game and halftime show. But that isn’t always the case.

Last year’s showdown between the Broncos and the Seahawks wasn’t the most exciting game of the year with a 38-7 finish in favor of Seattle, but at least Bruno Mars gave a memorable halftime. So how would Katy Perry measure up to her predecessors of the past two years: Bruno and the incomparable Beyoncé? And would another showdown featuring the Seahawks be as uneventful as the last?

  • First Quarter: You might say that the game started slow, considering it ended with the same score that it began, at zero for both teams. But for a football fan, that meant the game was as evenly matched as it gets. Seattle’s powerhouse defense was putting a stop to Tom Brady and New England’s offense with a rough end-zone interception, but New England’s defense gave Russell Wilson and his squad the runaround with a few quick stops before they could even get into field goal range. 0-0
  • Second Quarter: In the second quarter, both teams drew first blood and came away with two touchdowns a piece. Seattle’s second touchdown came in the dying seconds, when they got the ball back with less than a minute to go; and Coach Pete Carroll made a gutsy call and put his faith in Wilson’s throwing arm as he made a dramatic throw to Matthews with just 2 seconds left, tying it up. 14-14

Katy Perry rides in a giant robotic lion. [Credit: USA Today]

  • Half-time: Katy Perry began her set on a robotic red-eyed lion singing her hit single “Roar”. When she leaped off, she joined a metallic chess set for a very different take on “Dark Horse” compared to her version at last year’s Grammy’s. Then she brought out rocker Lenny Kravitz for a more edgy take on the song that gave her her start: “I Kissed A Girl”. Afterwards she got a little lighthearted with her singles “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls” from her sophomore album; then joined Missy Elliott for a few of her tracks. She closed her set, perhaps unsurprisingly, with her hit “Firework” as real fireworks went off around her and she went sailing through the stadium on a platform attached to a shooting star. All in all, her set was actually quite good. Perry actually sang and gave a few of her songs a new twist, and the additions of Kravitz and Elliott made it better, instead of awkward. Truth be told, I think Perry filled the big shoes left by her two predecessors, so good for her.

Edelman celebrates after a TD. [Credit: NFL.com]

  • Third Quarter: In the third quarter, the Seahawks deferred coin toss choice paid off as they charged down the field for a field goal and later, another touchdown while their defense helped keep the Patriots at bay for the entire fifteen minutes. 24-14 Seahawks.

Kearse makes a dramatic catch. [Credit: NFL.com]

  • Fourth Quarter: The game had been dramatic already, but nothing could prepare us for what went down in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady used some of his biggest weapons: Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman to score two more touchdowns, making it 28-24. But when the ball went back to Seattle and Wilson made a couple dramatic throws to get it in close to the end-zone, it looked like they might creep ahead. Jermaine Kearse of the ‘Hawks made an amazing catch after missing it, falling over and bouncing it around a few times before it finally landed in his hands. But seconds later, Coach Pete Carroll made a foolish call, instructing quarterback Wilson to throw the ball rather than hand it off and let the team’s superstar runner Marshawn Lynch take it in for a sure-fire win. Carroll himself said about the play, “That’s my fault, totally”, as his player shook their heads on the sidelines and the confetti rained over Brady and the boys.

Final Score: 28-24, Patriots.

In the end, Tom Brady came away with his fourth Super Bowl ring after a dramatic Super Bowl that some have taken to calling one of the best. After a dramatic, controversial season it may be fitting that the game seemed to get back to it’s roots with a pure, simple, good game of a football. We’ll just have to wait until September to see what next season holds.

Patriots QB Tom Brady celebrates his teams win. [Credit: NFL.com]

What was your favorite part of Super Bowl XLIX? Let us know in the comments below.

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