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On Action and Acting with Tomorrowland’s Fraser Corbett

Disney’s Tomorrowland hit theaters last Friday and for many it is just a movie and a great way to spend a couple of hours escaping reality, but for actor and stuntman Fraser Corbett it is just another moment in the fulfillment of a dream. Growing up on a farm in British Columbia, Corbett always knew that he wanted to be an actor.


Image Credit: Liz Rosa

“Growing up on a farm with 3 brothers we were always sword fighting and running around, I was fascinated with movies, I took drama in high school and really took a liking to acting,” says Corbett. It was after high school that really changed the course of his acting path. When I finished high school I signed up for a stunt course in Australia, I had a great time there and learned a lot of the basic skills. I moved to Vancouver after that and continued to train for a few years before I became an apprentice and eventually it became a career. Acting has stemmed from my work in the industry,” says Corbett. It’s a decision that he says “has been the greatest decision I could have made.”

It’s a decision that has kept him busy with action-packed stuntwork. Corbett has appeared in films such as Godzilla and the Twilight franchise. He’s also been hard at work in television as well, most recently Fox’s Wayward Pines and the CW’s The Flash and Arrow, gigs that have really kept him on his toes with his craft.

Arrow and [The] Flash have really pushed the boundaries as far as action and stunt work involved in television, with the shorter shooting schedules it can be hard to get quality action sequences but they have put together such a good core group that they make it happen. It is always an awesome time having the opportunity to been on set with them.”

This diversity of work comes in handy in Tomorrowland. The film takes inspiration from the Disney theme park attraction of the same name. For Corbett, the film is a dream come true.

“I love Disneyland! When I heard rumors that Tomorrowland was shooting in Vancouver, I got really excited, it was kind of surreal to be a part of it.”

Also exciting was the opportunity to work with George Clooney, which Corbett says was a learning experience.

“I learned so much watching him work. He was a very positive influence to everyone around him, always professional and at the same time I felt like he was just one of the boys hangin’ out doing what he loves.”

In the film, Corbett plays Jensen, a guard of Senator Nix who is the leader of the titular Tomorrowland. It’s a role that Corbett loves.


Image Credit: Liz Rosa

“I can say that Tomorrowland was my favorite project to be a part of throughout my film career. It’s going to be an action filled adventure movie for the whole family, and I truly think it will be one of the most original movies in a long time. There will be a lot of exciting action. The stunt team was incredible on this movie, they used a lot of very new and advanced equipment. I learned a lot working with them.”

In addition to being a stuntman and actor, Corbett is also a filmmaker. In 2012 he made a short film with fellow The Flash actor, Patrick Sabongui, called Shakey’s Coffee.

“Patrick was my first acting coach and we have since become almost like brothers. His wife Kyra Zagorsky got me interested in Shakespeare, Patrick and I have made several short films in the past and we decided to add Shakespeare into this one, Shakey’s Coffee. It was kind of the turning point in my career as my role in the film had no action in it, strictly acting, Patrick and Kyra helped push me in that direction.”

It’s a direction he will be going in further in the future.

“We plan on making many more films together, we have a feature in the works that hopefully we will be able to talk about soon.”

Until then, Corbett is keeping busy. He has lots of projects in the pipeline, both television and film.

“I just finished working on Interrogation, a WWE movie where I play a cop. Also new series called Proof which airs in June I was a soldier. And I was a stunt performer on The Descendants which is a new Disney musical movie directed by Kenny Ortega.”

And when he’s not working? Corbett is with the rest of the nerds eagerly anticipating the next installment of his favorite film franchise, Star Wars. The film, due this winter, recently released its first trailer. For Corbett, it was a thing of beauty and inspiration.

“I just may have shed a tear when I saw the trailer for it, that is how happy I am about it. I can’t wait until Christmas when it comes out. Han Solo is my favorite character, and a large inspiration on my training as an actor. I love the idea of Jedi knights and the force, space ships and good vs evil, I think it is something we as humans were born to be able to relate to.”

We’re right there with you, Fraser.

You can see Fraser Corbett in Tomorrowland, now playing in theaters. Follow Fraser Corbett on Facebook, and keep up with his upcoming projects on IMDb.

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  1. stevendmcilroy84 May 25, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

    Well, isn’t he dreamy!!


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