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Movie Review: “Entourage” – The Boys are Back in Town!


Picture Credit: HBO/Warner Bros.

Everyone dreams of becoming famous. In 2004, HBO introduced us to Vincent Chase, the lead of the hit series Entourage, which was based in part on the life and career of Mark Wahlberg. Chase is an A–List movie star who brings his older brother, Johnny “Drama” Chase and friends Sal “Turtle” Assante, and Eric “E” Murphy along for the ride as he navigates the wild world of Hollywood with Vince’s agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). The crew finds themselves in one sticky situation after another as they all seek their personal fame outside of Vince’s shadow while remaining supportive of Vince. Vince, for his own part, tries to avoid becoming a casualty of his fast–paced new life as drug use and a string of relationships threaten to derail his life at every turn. The film picks up shortly after the end of season eight, where Vince and his friends flew to France for his impending marriage.

The film stars Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillion, and Jerry Ferrara. Ronda Rousey, Haley Joel Osment, Billy Bob Thornton, and Mark Wahlberg guest star.

Nine days after his marriage at the end of the series, Vincent Chase is celebrating his separation from his wife. He’s back on the marker, personally and professionally, and itching to do something. Ari Gold, now head of his own studio, offers Vince a new project to work on. Vince is in, but on one condition: he wants to direct his own film. Ari agrees and the boys return to Hollywood to get to work.

Eight months later, Vince’s movie, Hyde, is $15 million dollars over budget. Vince tells Ari he needs just a bit more money to make it happen. Ari, who has already given Vince $100 million, agrees to talk to the film’s backers for another loan. Enter Larson McCreadle (Billy Bob Thornton) and his son Travis (Haley Joel Osment). After Ari states his belief in Vince’s work, they agree to lend the money, but Larson sends Travis back with Ari to ensure things remain on schedule.

Back in L.A, Turtle runs into Ronda Rousey, hoping to get a date. She’s stops short of beating him senseless when she recognizes him, but Turtle soon messes things up when he lets slip his belief that she’s just talking to him to get further exposure for herself. Realizing that he was wrong, Turtle attempts to make amends. Rousey offers to go out with him if he can last against her in a cage match. Turtle accepts with disastrous results.

Vince completes the film, but gets cold feet at a viewing party for the rough cut. He claims the projector broke and spends the evening getting to know Emily Rajajkowski, whom Travis has a crush on. When he botches his introduction, Travis takes it out on Vince, forcing him to cut Drama from the film and deliver the news himself.

As the release of the film gets closer, E has to make a decision between playing the field and recommitting to the mother of his child, Sloan. Ari’s anger management issues return as Travis makes life difficult, while Drama deals with being cut out of his first major starring role. Before it’s all said and done, it may take a miracle for Vince and his friends to figure out what’s truly important and still remain friends.

The movie suffers from the same issues that the show did. The characters never seem to grow up or grow as people. Vince’s marriage lasts for nine days. Even Kim Kardashian would call Vince a train wreck waiting to happen. Ari still can’t keep his anger in check even with his powerful position. E, who appeared to be committing to his unborn child and her mother is still out having affairs and being irresponsible. Even after eight months of work, these guys are still acting like the newbies they were in Season One of the show.

The core friendships remain intact and the guys are there for each other along the way. The addition of Ronda Rousey brought some humor to the movie, as did Mark Wahlberg’s cameo with his own entourage. Unfortunately, these were the only bright spots of the movie for this writer and it seems like this film should have been so much more, but the writers were just interested in continuing where the series left off.

The Good: Core friendships still intact. Cameos of Rousey and Wahlberg
The Bad: No forward movement. Everyone is still acting like amateurs.
The Verdict: Wait for the DVD on this one, folks.

Are you a fan of Entourage? What did you think of the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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