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Miriam Pultro Sings It Like It Is with Debut Single, ‘Good Thing I Don’t Love You’

{Image Credit: Tim Goodwin Photography}

Love is all you need—unless you come to a hard realization regarding the truth of that beloved four-letter word. Falling in love does not always end up like a romantic comedy or a photograph from some home catalog. Love means pain, heartache, breakups, and lonely nights of drinking your face off, or sending text messages you shouldn’t have.

No one understands this feeling more than talented filmmaker and actress, Miriam Pultro of the critically acclaimed web series, Mythos. This past month, Pultro released her debut single “Good Thing I Don’t Love You” on CD Baby, in which the young starlet sings of falling out of love.

Dabbling in every inventive field growing up, Pultro has been a life-long performer of the arts. The Philadelphia native shares how early on in life she took part in church choir and school musicals before finally settling on acting. As she got older, Pultro chose to nurture her love for the arts through education and community theatre, while studying music in college.

“[I] believed for a long time that was my path,” Pultro says. “I fronted a band, did musicals, and my first professional gigs were musicals and a vocal group signed to EMI Music. Since that group disbanded, I’d been focusing more on acting and primarily film, with occasional musical auditions.”

It was earlier this year that Pultro decided to head back to music after a five-year hiatus from the studio scene. With much of the recording experience becoming a creative learning process for her, Pultro reveals she had never truly been in charge of direction inside a studio before, but that changed when she met with supportive music producer, Steve Mecca of MEC Music.

“I was working with a guy I didn’t know well yet,” she says. “And this was a pretty straightforward pop song—unlike most of the music I write. I thought it would be the easiest one to introduce to him.”

Album artwork by Tim Goodwin. {Image Credit: CD Baby/Miriam Pultro}

“Good Thing I Don’t Love You” is anything but a straightforward pop song. Pultro’s debut is a clever anti-love song that ignites a refreshing spin on the syrupy, diabetic-inducing anemic pop clichés heard on the radio. With a voice that showcases a bold originality and sporadic smoky tones weaved through various rhythms and beats, Pultro’s vocals heard in her debut single are bright and clean, proving she is a clear charismatic performer. Baring a deep part of oneself through song is not easy, but Pultro does it effortlessly so. While the multi-talented artist has a jazzy, full-bodied voice that many might assume fits another style of music, she has the firm ability to adapt ever delicately with her warm vocals.

Treading an alternative rock and pop sound with folk, Pultro’s expressive and melodic voice has a rich haunting quality because of her exquisitely fresh tone. The mid-tempo track written by Pultro feels like an acoustic session at first with a smooth guitar backing by Michael Hadjoglou, but it’s rather textured and rises into a steady earnest beat that stays with you.

“The song was inspired by a situation where I was honestly preempting a breakup and imagining what it would feel like when it was over. As it turns out as much as those feelings came from me and I can relate to them, that particular situation never came to that,” she laughs.

Pultro shares she will record more music with other producers throughout the year, and has a steady eye on a full EP containing an approximate five to six songs for a release this winter. “Hopefully [I] start gigging and release that by the New Year,” she smiles.

Miriam Pultro’s debut single, “Good Thing I Don’t Love You” can be heard on Spotify, and is now available for download at CD Baby.

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{Photo featured in slider courtesy of Tim Goodwin Photography}

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