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‘Mythos’ Makes Waves and Soars with ‘Sea and Sky’

Mythos Web SeriesIn these past few years, there has been a great emergence of web entertainment found creatively crafted into what audiences know as a web series. The recent explosion in the production of these ‘webisodes’ has given audiences from all over the world a brand new way to connect, along with a platform in which they can enjoy unique stories that encompass originality. With the popular web series belonging to the digital medium and a product of the times, it is likely they will be in high demand in the coming years as mainstream television and film have lately been lacking imagination, and will look towards new outlets to uncover commercial success. There have been many web series that create an interesting angle to filmmaking and storytelling without the interference of studio input, but appear no different from a television show or film when viewing.

One such web series is Mythos, written and produced by the remarkably talented, Miriam Pultro. In an industry where less than 10% of women produce or direct films, it’s refreshing to see someone like Pultro hammer away at the glass ceiling and build a platform for creative storytelling. The critically acclaimed web series which has been nominated and won numerous industry accolades, is the classic mythological tale of a hero’s journey based on mortality, family, love and fate.

Miriam Pultro as Morgan in a scene from Mythos: Sea and Sky {Image Credit: The Ivy League}

The character driven web series is filmed on location within the city of New York and follows the story of Morgan (Pultro), once known as the virgin goddess of war, Athena—popularized in modern culture as one of the most important deities among the twelve gods on Mount Olympus. Hailed as the favorite daughter by the gods, Athena was well loved by all, including the mischievous and sly trickster, Pan (Tyler Herwick). As years went by, the gods parted ways and went on to live their own lives in separate parts of the world, living ‘normally’ and in the guise of mortals.

Season one of Mythos picks up in present day as Athena finds herself in love and married to a mortal named Aaron (Adam Henry Garcia) and is a doting, yet sometimes insecure mother of two little girls. One day Morgan finds Lee (Mark Banik), a fellow immortal and god at her door asking for help to find the others at the request of her father, Anu (Erik Parillo) who has called on an assembly. As the two travel around the globe in search of the others, Morgan keeps secrets from her husband, soon finding herself in the thick of marital strains which begs the question of what she values more: her past or present?

By the end of the show’s first season, audiences and fans alike are shocked to see the events of the nine episodes culminate to such a conclusion where Morgan can no longer control nor isolate her newfound life from the cosmic politics of the gods. In the last episode, we find her at a crossroads, all alone and alongside Pan of all deities. From the conclusion, it appears she will need to get help from elsewhere if she hopes to take on her powerful new foes in the second season.

Last month, the second season made its much anticipated premiere on Blip.tv with a two-part feature prelude titled Sea and Sky, where Morgan ponders of her next steps after defying the gods. As she steps into a more introverted version of herself and heads out to sea purging herself of grief, audiences get a glimpse into her psyche and the loneliness she feels despite Pan at her side. However, as a symbol of hope and truth from the season one finale where Morgan believes there are other gods out there who will be able to help, she finds she is not entirely lost while at sea and that Pan isn’t the only god on board with her.

“[Season two] means broadening the purview of the series–new characters, yes; but more building on the foundation of [season one] by truly bringing the “mythology” aspect to life,” Pultro says. “There are flashbacks that provide insight into the present-day story and also redefine the classic legends that became mythology as we know it. My take is ‘this is what really happened way back when.'” The proficient actor-producer goes on to share that fans can also expect some more action this season, and a lot more insight into the alluring characters.

Though changes lie ahead for our goddess protagonist on the bumpy seas, it seems there could be great turning points ahead in the story that will find her facing the unpredictable and uncontrollable. Sea and Sky is full of mystery and unanswered questions that begs for more, as Pultro shares how Morgan isn’t exactly keen on change.

A scene from Mythos: Sea and Sky {Image Credit: The Ivy League}

“She especially doesn’t like things to change for her,” she says. “This is most obvious in her steadiness of character and the little variety in her relationships. Sea and Sky sets the stage for the rest of season two by bridging the gap between the ‘normalcy’ of season one and the grand scope implied by the mythological story.”

Pultro goes to share how Mythos is so very much about storytelling–both macro and micro-cosmically. “Morgan is moving on and changing, but she’s ambivalent about her role in world events, and even in her own story,” she says. “She is different than the Morgan first introduced in [season one], but how much she is like or unlike the Morgan of origins remains to be seen, and how much she will have to change moving forward–and what or who will change her—is something [season two] explores in great depth.”

Mythos is a phenomenal web series that goes above and beyond the expectations of a production with its budget and in many ways, films exactly like a television program with perfect and precise attention to detail while capturing our attention in a short amount of time. It is an intensely well written tale that focuses strongly on its characters and the relationships built from history; with a fantasy aspect serving as a familiar accent. It’s brilliantly thought-out, and with each episode in the first season playing out under ten minutes, it’s a web series that will definitely get you hooked and wanting more.

There is an incredible cast at the helm of Mythos too, with the magnanimous Pultro leading the pack of amazing and undiscovered talent. Each of the wonderfully casted actors helps to bring their character’s story into action; and once in the midst of it, we want to follow every development and event with them. Though young, Pultro is a seasoned thespian, who like Kate Winslet or Gene Tierney is more than just a pretty face. She has an incredible knack for writing, producing, and performing; often being able to convey without words what she is truly thinking. It is an art worth witnessing. Supporting actors, Mark Banik and Tyler Herwick are solid talents who help to carry the show and make it what it is. Just like Pultro, they create quite a spark onscreen and captivate the viewer’s attention.

Last year, the cast picked up top honors in the Best Acting category at the Independent Film and Television Festival, a true testament from the industry of their dedication and raw talent. Pultro herself won Best Actress at the 4th Annual Indie Soap Awards, along with Mythos co-star Adam Henry Garcia snagging the Best Supporting Actor accolade for his portrayal of Morgan’s ill-fated husband, Aaron.

The cast of Mythos at the ITV Fest, October 2013 {Image Credit: ITVFest}

“It’s incredibly humbling and encouraging to receive any kind of acclaim for personal work, particularly work done on such a small budget,” Pultro beams. “I added our first laurels to our press materials over a year ago, but I’m not sure it’s really sunk in even now! Each time we won anything, I felt tingly and surreal [and] yet for each win, there were instances in which we didn’t win, or didn’t even screen at an event we submitted to—I’m so grateful for the positive response from the quarters we DID receive it from, particularly from other web creators, who can really see the work that went into it. As an actress, knowing my cast is proud of the project and excited to be a part of it [too], is the absolute best reward to me.”

Miriam Pultro’s Mythos does a tremendous job of creating a solid story while merging present day with mythological tales of yesterday. This independently produced web series is outstanding and nothing like the others of its genre. With the appropriate dosage of mystery and well-developed personalities, it never feels overdone or unprepared. It draws you in immediately and is definitely worth watching. While it has all the elements of a television show or film with everything from drama to action, a concrete script, and gifted artists, Pultro reveals how there are plans to venture with the show outside of the web.

“We’re working with a producer right now to develop the rest of our second season and make connections to produce it,” she says excitedly. “While I produced [season one] specifically for the web, as well as Sea and Sky, season two as a whole is so grand that we need to maintain some flexibility if we’re to see it through—it could continue as a web series, or morph into feature films, depending on what kind of funding we’re able to secure for it. To me, the story is too important to limit to a genre, but I definitely think we’d do well on the web and we’ll always have our roots there!”

Check out Mythos’ first part of Sea and Sky below, and be sure to visit Blip.tv to catch Part Two!

To catch up on the award-winning first season of Mythos and watch the season two pilot, Sea and Sky, visit their official website. And be sure to follow the acclaimed web-series on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates on the upcoming season!

Actress, writer, producer-extraordinaire Miriam Pultro can be found at her official website and IMDb. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

Top Header Photo Courtesy of The Ivy League

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