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6 Awesome Back-To-School Apps to Rock Your Semester

{Image Credit: Shutterstock}

{Image Credit: Shutterstock}

The start of a new school year is an exciting, yet busy time for students across the country. As many gear up for another semester full of homework, projects, tests and assigned readings, technology has never been more useful to the enterprising student looking to organize their day-to-day studies and heavy course loads with the help of their devices.

The truth of our modern times is that you won’t find a student without a mobile device. In a study from Purdue University, researchers discovered that students prefer using apps on their smartphones instead of web-based sites. Of the students surveyed at the Indiana university, it was stated that native apps are faster and simpler to navigate than web-based sites. With the ease and speed of app utilization by students around the nation, it is no wonder 78 percent have regular access to mobile devices today.

Easier than carrying around an agenda, the smartphone today is incredibly beneficial to students. Integrating technology into one’s timetable is a great way to reach new heights to organization and diversity in personal planning. While every student might already know which educational apps would benefit his or her needs most, there are a list of apps that no student should have to endure their semester without. As a student starting her third semester at Ball State, here are six of my favorite apps that have been extremely helpful in keeping me organized all semester long.

Create multiple filters in your timetable with the help of myHomework. {Image Credit: Facebook/myHomework}


Price: Free | Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, etc.

If you’re like me, you probably keep your phone by your side all day so the number one thing you’ll need is a calendar. But not just any calendar! Since most of the smartphone apps that come pre-installed on your device are basic, you’re going to need something to keep up with your course load and the countless assignments and tests. Enter myHomework. Making it simple to organize and keep track of your class schedule and assignments, myHomework is a digital student planner that helps you stay organized so you never forget assignments. Available on a variety of platforms, the app ensures quality organization with a color-coding system, reminders, and cross-syncing across platforms for ease of access. With easy Google sign-in, students can attach files to their homework and classes and plan according to time blocks and period-based schedules. While the app is free, students can also opt for the premium edition which is $4.99 a year with added benefits like no ads, file attachments, and enhanced widget apps.


Price: Free | Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, etc.

If you haven’t heard of Evernote, you must be living under a mountain of ramen noodles. (Not a bad mountain to be living under though.) Noted as one of the best apps to help you store notes, files, and photos that can easily be synced across your devices with the integration of a cloud, Evernote helps you organize so you can study effectively. Useful for note-taking and archiving valuable information, students can organize and find what they want quickly and efficiently. The free app not only lets you record your notes, either through a classic manner or in the form of photos, but allows students to create todo lists and voice memos so nothing is ever forgotten. Signing up is easy and students can choose among three plans: Free, Plus and Premium. Whatever you decide though, Evernote keeps you focused on moving ideas from inspiration and planning to completion and success.

Test yourself with StudyBlue and sync all your notes easily from Evernote. {Image Credit: StudyBlue/App Store}


Price: Free | Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad

Studying can be tedious and often times overwhelming, but don’t worry because StudyBlue is the best app to help you break it down and study what you need to. Available on a variety of platforms and the web, StudyBlue offers students and educators the largest and fastest-growing library of online study materials. With more than 350 million user-generated digital note cards that cover topics from the likes of Algebra to Zoology, students can either find what they want to study with quizzes, review sheets, or flashcards or create and customize your own note cards. With practice testing, students can track their study progress in real time with automatic self-assessment scoring. In addition, by setting reminders on the app, students can maintain a study schedule before taking the real test. Best of all, StudyBlue effortlessly syncs with Evernote. Importing notes from Evernote to make StudyBlue flashcards and practice quizzes is quick and easy, and doesn’t take time out of your hard-boiled study regime.


Price: Free | Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad

Whether you’re in high school, college or university, essay writing is a huge component to your academia—and it can be a nightmare! One of the biggest difficulties with essay writing is stylizing your paper with endnotes or footnotes in either MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, and Klingon—alright, so maybe not Klingon, but it’s still really hard. EasyBib is the perfect app for students on the go to round off their essays. Simply enter a book’s title and get the proper citation in the assigned form, then export the cited titles to your inbox with the touch of a button. With an uber simple design and minimalist interface, students will really love this app as it makes creating bibliographies quick and painless.


Highlight sections from a textbook with the help of your smart device. {Image Credit: Google Play/CourseSmart}

Price: Free | Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, etc.

One of the worst things about walking from class to class on a relatively large campus is the back pain from a heavy backpack. But why carry six different textbooks around campus when you can carry all your textbooks in your device? Available for tablets and smartphones, CourseSmart lets students view more than 7,000 textbooks and is updated yearly, so there’s plenty for every student. Offering students a cheaper and more convenient option for buying textbooks (averaged 50 percent lower than their printed counterparts), the app makes most of its money through the licensing of e-textbooks. While some are free, they expire shortly after an access period of three months. Unlike real textbooks, there’s no way to resell your books or keep them past the subscription period but it’s still well worth it, especially if you have heavy reading. Similar to a PDF document, you can highlight sections and even jot down notes in the margins which are accessible through the menu’s sidebar and sorted by page number.


Price: Free | Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, etc.

Organize group projects effectively with Trello. {Image Credit: Trello}

While Trello seems like an app most suitable for project managers or department supervisors, it’s incredibly helpful and effective for students working to complete a group assignment. An essential component of some college courses is classroom collaboration. It’s known that sometimes group projects tend to cut down the responsibilities of a peer, while allocating duties can be confusing to those managing. However, Trello understands these difficulties and helps organize entire projects no matter the size by assigning every group member a label and filtering their duties through the app. Students can customize their project with deadlines and assigning tasks, as well as collaborating in real time with changes made instantly in the app. With members receiving notifications of changes, there’s no way anyone can slack. Trello is an awesome tool for your semester by facilitating project based learning, collaboration and discussion.

What are some of your favorite back-to-school apps that help keep you organized? Let us know in the comments below.

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