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7 Recipes That Will Make You Fall in Love With Scones

There are a ton of different pastries in existence, some more popular than others. With things like eclairs, biscuits, and croissants being the first ones that come to mind, some of the other less-popular but arguably-more-delicious pastries get lost in the shuffle. The biggest crime that comes to mind here? Scones. If I am only allowed to be certain of one thing in my life — it is that I was put here to make everybody fall in love with scones at some point in their lifetimes. Odd life mission to take on? Sure. But that’s how passionate I am about scones. They get ignored and tend to have a bad rep because they are one of the less flashy sweets and a bad recipe or method can result in a *gulp* dry scone. But made correctly, scones are a delight and deserve to get all the attention the “exciting” pastries get. Here are 7 of my favorite scone recipes that will make you fall in love…

Image Credit: ree drummond

Basic Scones {via completely delicious}
A good place to start is by making a plain scone. This way, you can not only get used to the process of making them but you can really see what they are supposed to be like (aka how truly incredible their texture is) without any additional flavors to distract you. One of biggest problems with scones is that they can be dry but you can be sure this recipe isn’t going to give you a dry scone, so it’s a total keeper. When you get more comfortable making them and want to experiment, you can add it just about any flavor or addition that you want to turn this basic scone recipe into whatever you can dream of. Totally adaptable.

Skinny Chocolate Chip Scones {via skinnytaste}
Not normally one to go for “skinny” labeled desserts, I most often will choose to have a smaller portion of something unhealthy than try a larger portion of a health-ified version. All this to tell you that these scones are the exception, because they are chocolate chip scones that can stand on their own if you were to take away the “skinny” part of the title. The secret weapon here is the buttermilk — it replaces what is normally cream as the liquid — and the difference is hard to spot. I actually make these more often than I make “regular” chocolate chip scones, you could probably say I’m addicted.

Cinnamon Sugar Scones {via the pioneer woman}
Out of all the scones I’ve had in my lifetime (there’s been a lot) these are in my top 5 favorites. Maybe even top 3. Maybe even my absolute favorite depending on when you ask me. They are that good, and I urge you to make these as quickly as you can. One of the best things about scones is that they are a simple & not too sweet pastry so that when you do add flavors to them, the flavors really get to shine. That’s exactly what happens with the cinnamon in these, and mixed with the cream and with the sugar on the top…they are impossible to only have one of.

My Favorite Pumpkin Scones {via in jennie’s kitchen}
Yes, I do know that it’s March and not October. This might be a little off-season but for how delightful they are, I would find it disingenuous to have a “best of scones” roundup without including them. And who says we can’t bake with pumpkin in the Spring anyway? You’ll never hear those words from me. If you’re a regular baker chances are you have one or three cans of pumpkin leftover from the holidays that are just waiting to be used, meaning you won’t even have to go to the store to make these. The pumpkin in these scones not only offers a slight warming flavor, but it really elevates the texture into a nice moist crumb. A few times that I’ve made these I have used beer in place of the buttermilk and it’s worked beautifully, so if you’ve got that lying around give it a go.

Image Credit: annalise sandberg

Bacon Cheddar Chive Scones {via annie’s eats}
Another plus for this pastry: they don’t always have to be sweet! Scones are savory too! Do you see your cookies being able to be savory as effortlessly as these pastries can? No. But I digress. One look at the title and no surprise should be had that these are fantastic — it is bacon and cheddar, after all, and what could possibly be bad about that combination? Add in some chives (or green onion) and you have something that tastes like a breakfast sandwich all wrapped up in a yummy pastry. They really are that good. I’ve also added 1/2 cup to 1 cup of cooked corn to these with great results.

Blueberry Scones {via pinch of yum}
Easter is coming up and being that it can be a brunch holiday, these can be a perfect addition to your table. While it’s not exactly berry season (we’ll be waiting for Summer for that) I’ve noticed that blueberry prices have come down a bit around me, so we can go ahead and buy them without the not-in-season guilt that can come along. If you are a fan of blueberry muffins, these are certain to become your new pastry best friend. Just be sure not to mix the berries in too hard or they’ll start breaking and your dough will become a shade of purple. Not the worst thing in the world, I realize, but they are more striking when the berries get to stay whole.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones {via king arthur flour}
Lemon and poppy-seed are one of those combinations that seem like they shouldn’t work together but totally do. At least to me. There would also work fantastically as part of your Easter brunch instead of (or in addition to — no judgement here) the blueberry scones from above. They would also work as an Easter snack. Or Easter dessert. Or Easter whatever the time is but you’re hungry. They are lovely, not too sweet thanks to the poppy seeds, but quite lemon-y which is a plus for any lemon lovers out there. If you are one — go make these now!

Have you admitted to yourself that you like scones yet?

Featured image is from Ree Drummond on flickr.

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