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The Flashback Special Edition: Who Is The Masked Man?

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

The Flash is a show that does an incredible job of keeping viewers guessing and building suspense. This season, one of the questions the show has given viewers to ponder is who is the man in the mask that Zoom is keeping prisoner? What significance does this person have? Here are six possible mystery men that fans have been considering.

The Real Jay Garrick

One contender for who the heck is behind that mask is Jay Garrick. Yes, we have supposedly been shown Jay most of this season, but as we saw recently there may be more than one Jay. And remember, the masked man got really upset when Barry said that Jay was alive and well on Earth-1. It’s not impossible that the Jay we know is an imposter, or possibly even another doppelganger.

Wally West, Earth-2 Style

Admittedly this wasn’t a theory I had given much thought to, but then it was pointed out to me that we didn’t see a Wally-2. Match that up with the skin of the man in the mask potentially being darker (I had chalked this up to bruising, but some viewers think it could be an actual difference in skintone) and it isn’t impossible that our masked man is Wally-2.

Henry Allen

This is my favorite theory. We haven’t seen much of Papa Allen this season and while I know that we heard from Nora Allen over on Earth-2 that she and her husband were in Atlantis, that doesn’t rule out that our masked man is actually Barry’s dad. Zoom’s a jerk. He’s the kind of guy who would absolutely kidnap Barry’s dad or send one of his flunkies to do it for him. And we don’t know for certain that Nora is married to Henry Allen on Earth-2.

Hunter Zolomon

We saw Hunter Zolomon briefly when Jay told Caitlin that his Earth-1 counterpart had a nice, normal life without super speed and thus they couldn’t use him to cure Jay. What if Zoom is collecting Jay Garricks? It would sort of make sense that Zoom could have snatched Hunter Zolomon. There’s also the theory that Zoom is actually Hunter Zolomon, which would make a lot more sense. In comic book canon Hunter Zolomon is the villain called Zoom.

Eddie Thawne

Another person we didn’t see when Barry and company went to Earth-2 was Eddie. We know that Eddie is deceased on Earth-1, but it’s possible that he’s alive on Earth-2 or even more devastating, somehow survived death at the end of season one and has been imprisoned by Zoom ever since. This is particularly interesting when one considers that we’ve seen his distant future relative, Reverse Flash, this season. In theory Eddie’s death undid the existence of the Reverse Flash, but obviously that was not the case. If it is Eddie under the mask, that would explain why he was so eager to communicate with Barry.

Nora Allen

Possibly the most unlikely of the theories I’ve heard, there are some that think that Zoom may have somehow time traveled (if Barry can do it, Zoom could, too) and taken Nora Allen and now has her held prisoner. I think this one is unlikely given that the person in the mask seems to be male, but if it were Nora Allen? That would be one awful punch in the gut for Barry, something that the show seems to enjoy doing.

Who do you think the man in the mask is? Let us know in the comments!

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