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6 Ways to Inspire More Love in Your Life

{Image Credit: Brooke Saward/Instagram}

{Image Credit: Brooke Saward/Instagram}

Spring has sprung and with it comes the romance of a season in full bloom. As one of the most important aspects of our lives, love is the basis of all things good and beautiful in our world. But it is equally crucial to know that love is all around us in various manifestations like romance, intimacy, passion, friendship, acceptance and forgiveness.

Living at our core and growing with each of our actions, love defines how we see the world, others and most importantly, ourselves. In every facet made available to us, we must learn the intricacies of love because if we want to learn how to give out love purely and unconditionally, we need to know how to let it back in.

According to best-selling author and relationship expert, Dr. Margaret Paul, we attract people at our common level of emotional health and vulnerabilities. Meaning, if we want to attract a healthy, loving partner or have a vibrant, passionate, and harmonious relationship, we must first become healthy on our own to inspire such love through daily habits.

Love yourself:

Considered the first step in attracting more love in your life, loving yourself is the key to a healthy well-being and attitude. As a powerful force that generates an abundance of positivity, we must disregard the reality created by wounded egos if we want to attract real love. When you step outside your conscious-self and clear any negative thoughts or emotions, you embrace yourself with love and build a profound sense of inner-worth. Once you have that self-love solidified, it’s easy to effectively share it.

Develop gratitude:

It’s important to cultivate our gratitude on a daily basis if we want to invite more love in our life. By sincerely expressing appreciation and thanks for the things we cherish, we’re allowing loved ones to feel that positive energy. When you set that energy off into the world, it’s infectious and a domino effect that puts everyone in a good mood. The more grateful, the more the Universe will respond with continual blessings. After all, being happy doesn’t create gratitude—gratefulness does.

Help others:

According to Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, “The more you give, the more you will receive because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life.” Simply put, anything of value only multiples when shared. So, if love is what you seek, offer love back without thinking of reciprocation. Aim to give generously and do something that encourages others to enjoy their day. Happiness is made of little moments, but they are only meaningful if we share them.

Practice “lovingkindness” meditation:

Leading meditation instructor, Sharon Salzberg shares that practicing lovingkindness meditation or “metta” provides a different perspective of the world—one that softens false ideas of those around us. While relatively easy to offer love and kindness to others through quiet meditating, metta’s power is revealed when we first offer lovingkindness to ourselves. By embracing presently existent love, metta allows us to dedicate affirmative energy to all aspects of not just ourselves, but those around us. This enlightenment through offering peace and compassion helps recognize the interconnectedness in a symbiotic universe.

See possibilities in failure:

{Image Credit: Getty Images}

Know that everything happens for a reason and all those disappointments that tore at your heartstrings enrich who you are today. Consider failure an instrument in inviting love because the fear that drives you from welcoming affection is only as deep as you make it. A mature heart that has seen difficulties in life and relationships can be satisfyingly wise and an effective opposition to heartbreak. If you find meaning in failure and build resilience from your past, your understandings and perception will encourage a profusion of possibilities.

Stop controlling love:

Don’t try too hard—seriously. Instead, lay back and abide like “The Dude.” Things will happen when they’re supposed to. With social media amplifying love through tweets and ‘grams, we become so determined to attract love that we become slightly possessed by the quest. This obsession for the quintessential life creates insecurity within our current successes and ourselves. Put your trust in the Universe and surrender in knowing it will bring what you need most when the time is right. Besides, the best relationships are the ones you never saw coming.

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