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Actress Lisa Durupt Opens up About Her Newest Hallmark Roles

Lisa Durupt is gearing up for an impressive five new projects ready to hit theaters and television screens across international borders. As she winds down on filming new roles, Durupt is still hard at work promoting her newest work, a continuation of the Hallmark film series, Murder She Baked. The latest installment, A Deadly Recipe, picks up shortly after the previous film. This time, Durupt’s character, Andrea, finds herself a little too close to the small-town murder.

We spoke with the Canadian-born actress about the new installment, her history with stunt work, and the best part about working in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Durupt (left) with actress Alison Sweeney (right). Source: Murder She Baked/Hallmark

Following the previous Murder She Baked installment, A Peach Cobbler Mystery, we pick back up three and a half months later with Hannah (Alison Sweeney), Andrea, and the rest of the small Minnesota town searching for new leadership in their local law enforcement. Durupt’s character is nine months pregnant, and closer to the murder at the heart of this story than she expected.

Murder She Baked: A Deadly Recipe picks back up with a race for the new town sheriff in full swing. This time around the murder is going to hit a little too close to home!” She confesses.

Durupt has been a part of the Murder She Baked series since its incarnation. Over the course of the films, she sees there has been distinguishable growth from her character, Andrea. “I think initially Andrea was the carefree, outspoken little sister that was all about pushing her sister Hannah’s buttons with love,” the actress says.

“[Hannah and Andrea] connected easily over how different they both felt they were from their own mother. As the stories have gone on, there has been a definite shift where Andrea has become more like her mother, Delores – stepping up to be her sister’s guardian when it comes to men. Especially with a baby on the way, Andrea may discover she has more in common with Delores and, eventually Hannah, than she cares to admit.”

After playing this character for four films, it’s hard to believe Durupt found no connection with the outspoken Andrea.

“I definitely connect with her sassy side,” she jokes. “I was always told I was cheeky as a kid because I would ask things point-blank at the least appropriate times. Not meaning to be rude, but just matter of fact or out of curiosity. Also my grandpa always called me ‘Lisa Hurricane’ because of the amount of energy I would bring in to a room with, just like Andrea.”

As many actors will say, enjoying a role is more than the character itself; it’s also impacted by the people you work with. And Durupt’s case is no exception. Her role is bound by more than her love of the character and stories.

“[My favorite part is] the cast. I lucked out being part of a unique cast. We all get along and really respect each other. It feels like going to camp three times a year.”

Source: Candace Woods Photography

Durupt’s good relationships with the role even extend further than the cast. She’s also set to continue her relationship with Hallmark as she embarks on two new films for the network, Operation: Christmas and The Convenient Groom. As for what we can expect from the seasoned actress? We’ll let her explain.

“In Operation: Christmas, I play the plain-Jane sister of a widowed mother of two, played by Tricia Helfer. My character is single and, unlike Andrea, plays life a little on the safer side. She does get to sing though which was a really fun part of this role,” she explains. “I [also] had an exciting cameo in The Convenient Groom that was the complete opposite of Andrea.”

“My character, Stephanie, is the ‘Other Woman’ who makes things tough for Vanessa Marcil’s ‘Dr. Kate’,” she continues. “I get to play villains quite often outside of Hallmark so it was a nice way to introduce that to Hallmark fans.

Given her history with the network, we were eager to learn what exactly continues to pull her back to the legendary company.

“Hallmark has been very good to me over the years,” she states. “I love that they see the need for family friendly entertainment and that they continue to expand their network to accommodate that. They continue to employ so many new performers as well as keep veteran ones working. They really are a great asset to the entertainment industry and their audience.”

In addition to her work on television, Durupt also has a diverse background in musical theater, and even stunt work. “I took a stage combat class in university and really responded well to the athleticism of it,” she says.

“About one month after it ended, the teacher came up to me in the hall and asked why I never gave him my resume. I laughed and thought he was kidding. He said almost everyone else in the class had. He took me for coffee a week later to explain what stunt work in film might entail and booked me on my first job soon after. It was to double for Annie Potts but, honestly, I looked more like Annette Funicello in my little black wig,” she jokes.

Because she has a background in musical theater, one has to wonder if we will ever hear an album from Durupt if she were to extend her talents into the recording booth. “I definitely have more of a belter style. As for an album? I love country. Heartbreak, beers, and fishing. I would choose that.”

Durupt says that while she wouldn’t necessarily be making an album any time soon, we may get to see her return to musical theater!

Source: Candace Woods Photography

“If you have ever seen Bette Midler live in one of her Big Band shows with the costumes, the big song and dance numbers with full orchestra behind her, that would be the dream! I am definitely way more comfortable on stage than on-screen, so that is on my bucket list for sure!”

While it may be a while before we see Durupt take the stage, we’re sure to get a new performance in her very first feature-length horror film, Puppet Killer.

“[It] was a great opportunity that I might not have otherwise had,” the brunette beauty explains. “Being introduced to the genre with a seasoned veteran like Aleks Paunovic — who I know and respect from back home — made the whole process so much more enjoyable. The technicality of it was fascinating to me. Learning how to build in suspenseful moments when the audience jumps because it was the brother’s hand on the shoulder, not the killer and so on! Adding in the special effects and terrifying scenarios, sometimes the entire day, it was beyond fun. I really hope to do more of it.”

As for other projects we might be getting from Durupt sometime soon, the multi-talented actress says she would love to travel back in time for her next role.

I am definitely itching to do a period piece. I think it is a really specific style that I have yet to do but I love watching it. Something with no makeup, horses and a little gun slinging!”

For someone who has served so many roles in the entertainment industry, it’s easy to see Durupt truly has an admiration for her craft. But what exactly is the best aspect of it for her? She says she finds excitement in the industry’s inconsistency.

“I love that it is ever-changing. I love the challenge of prepping and piecing it together beforehand and I love the freedom of walking into an audition room, or on set, and letting creativity take over. You get to play, plain and simple. That to me never gets old.”

To learn more about Lisa Durupt’s previous work, and her upcoming projects, be sure to check out her IMDb and website! Keep up with her day-to-day activities by following her on Twitter!

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