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Luke Bryan Pays It Back with His Latest EP and ‘Farm Tour’

{Image Credit: Capitol Records Nashville}

{Image Credit: Capitol Records Nashville}

For years, reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, Luke Bryan has given fans new music every spring break with his annual beach party-themed EPs. Fun-filled and nostalgic for old crowds and new, the records have been a favorite among many since its initial debut in 2009.

But after ending the highly anticipated tradition just last spring, Bryan is turning a new leaf this fall as he returns with a new collection of music — one the award-winning artist is better associated with: his country boy roots.

To honor his upcoming “Farm Tour” hitting eight cities this fall, Bryan released a five-song EP this past September of music that pays homage to his Georgia roots, while playing to his country upbringing. Though he has done farm tours for several years now, the record tied to the tours is his first. Titled Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer, the extended play has an evident emphasis on country, corn fields, farmers and agriculture. It’s a collection that features a lot more country than any of Bryan’s prior albums, including last year’s up-tempo and pop-country record, Kill The Lights, which debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 100.

The EP’s five new tracks are tunes a bit more traditional in country instrumentation, letting Bryan really dig deep and uphold that homegrown sound we all came to love when he made his debut in 2007. Upbeat and hearty, the tracks are welcomed and have the potential to be great favorites in his extensive discography.

From songs like “Southern Gentlemen” about the heart of a farmer and his values, to a sweet afternoon romp in the meadows with “Love Me in a Field” that encompass a whirlwind romance of the countryside, Bryan’s storytelling is at its best in this EP. One of his most beautiful ballads on the five-song record is “You Look Like Rain,” which takes a more mature tone in his catalog of love songs.

But the album isn’t just a welcome surprise for fans. It’s also a beacon of hope and humility in the pay-it-forward movement for those of farming or agriculture families looking to advance their careers with a post-secondary education. With his tour taking off this October across U.S. farms and surrounding towns, Bryan will be using a portion of the proceeds to fund the “Farm Tour Scholarship” to students from his hometown of Leesburg, Ga., who plan to attend Georgia State University. If no recipients are available from Leesburg though, the scholarship is then available to students from rural parts of the Georgia state.

If you would like to check out Luke Bryan on tour this October, head over to his official website for further details and concert information. This fall, Bryan will be hitting up:

  • 10/5 — Gaston, S.C., Culler Farms
  • 10/6 — Greenback, Tenn., Maple Lane Farms
  • 10/7 — Elizabethtown, Ky., Highland Farms
  • 10/8 — Monroeville, Ind., Spangler Farms
  • 10/12 — Batesville, Miss., FT Farms
  • 10/13 — Prairie Grove, Ark., Ogden Ranch
  • 10/14 — Centralia, Mo., Stowers Farm
  • 10/15 — Effingham, Ill., Mid-America Motorworks

Keep up with Luke Bryan on social media and follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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