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David S. Pumpkins Is Our Favorite Look This Halloween

{Image Credit: NBC Universal}

{Image Credit: NBC Universal}

For over 40 years, Saturday Night Live has been bringing us hilarious and memorable characters that branch out into the occasional Halloween costume. From the Spartan Cheerleaders to Wayne’s World, to The Coneheads or even Chris Farley’s iconic motivational speaker and traveling salesman, Matt Foley who lives in a van by the river — SNL has been the inspiration behind so many clever costumes.

And if you watched this past weekend’s episode, that sentiment definitely continued with the night’s guest host and Academy Award winner, Tom Hanks at the helm of something gloriously bizarre. Of course with the way this year has been though, there’s nothing scarier and often times, funny than that which we do not understand.

Enter David S. Pumpkins — an icon that is bound to be the best thing that came out of 2016. And frankly, it’s going to be a cult costume for the years to come because it’s so random. Already hailed a legend and cult favorite from critics and fans alike, Pumpkins brings a bizarre joy to the screen with his random silliness and a unparalleled gleeful tone in his voice..

While many might ponder and ask who exactly “David S. Pumpkins” is, the short answer is we really don’t know. But we don’t have to know too much to care and laugh about it. Pumpkins launches weird catchphrases and very odd, graphic dance moves to guests on the ride, “100 Floors of Frights” while synth music plays on.

The guests on the ride, played by Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett are at first baffled by Pumpkins, but as they continue the ride with the conductor, played by Kennan Thompson, the two become a bit annoyed by his continued presence, bad hair and relativity to pop culture. With Hanks at the rudder of this funny and peculiar sketch dressed in a wonderfully weird pumpkin suit, the smirking eccentric is only known so far to terrorize haunted elevator rides with skeleton B-boys at his side who basically only do the robot.

That said, we love it! We love all of it. And with Halloween just days away, it’s no surprise that the killer pumpkin suit and persona Hanks debuted on Saturday night is becoming a must-have this season. That’s right — everyone who has seen that sketch either wants to see it again or dress up at David S. Pumpkins. Or maybe they just want to dance up beside you. Ay, papi! But the latter is happening, people! We all want in this Halloween.

If you are looking to recreate the costume, the first thing you’re going to need is a men’s novelty pumpkin suit and tie costume, which can be found at Amazon or a replica at HalloweenCostumes.com. That said, the suits are selling out quickly so if you want it pronto, act fast. Yes — the David S. Pumpkins fan base is growing at a hilarious rate so much so, that Trendy Halloween and Spirit Halloween are already out of stock. Next you need a black curly wig and some hair paint. And voila, you have embodied David S. Pumpkins in all his oddities.

If you want to get your friends on the bandwagon, pair them up in black skeleton suits with skeleton face paint, and a Mad Scientist wig; and then have them accent your bizarre look for the night.

In the spirit of David S. Pumpkins and his synchronized B-boy skeletons, no matter which suit you can find in time or if you just so happen to sew one up from scratch, be your “own thing” this Halloween. Any questions?

What has been your favorite Saturday Night Live character over the years? Share with us in the comments below.

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