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6 Haunted Train Stations Around the World

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There is a fixating quality to scary stories. From goosebump-inducing tales told around the campfire to creepypasta urban legends that have gone viral on the internet, people are naturally drawn into the shock and awe of the world of the supernatural. One place where encounters with ghosts and spirits occur frequently are at train stations. Both of the abandoned and in service varieties, train stations are a popular stomping ground for sinister paranormal activities as witnessed by train workers and passengers alike. To set the scene for Halloween, here are six of the world’s spookiest train stations and the eerie, chilling stories that make them so haunting.

Begunkodor Railway Station in West Bengal, India

This station in a village of West Bengal’s Purulia district hosts the spirit of a woman in a white sari who dances on the train platform. It is rumored that the woman was killed during a railway accident along the tracks. In 1967, a railway employee gave an eyewitness report of his sighting of the woman, and weeks later, he was found dead, presumably murdered by the ghost. The station was subsequently closed for forty-two years until its reopening in 2009.

Image Credit: robina / Flickr

Image Credit: robina / Flickr

Connolly Railway Station in Dublin, Ireland

One of the major railway stations in Dublin, Connelly Station has a history that provides plenty of reason to suspect supernatural activity at work. The train station, which first opened in 1844 as Amiens Street Station, was bombed during World War II in 1941. Multiple reports of poltergeist happenings were spread, including one incident in which a night watchman spotted a soldier walking along the platform on the security camera. After playing the security footage back, the soldier was nowhere in sight, and instead, a group of pigeons were in his place.

Panteones Metro Station in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City’s Panteones Metro Station lives up to its name, which means a burial spot containing memorials to the gods. Built close to two cemeteries, the station meets expectations in terms of hauntings by dead dwellers. Several train workers have claimed to have heard footsteps, knocks and screams in the tunnels during closing hours, as well as a shadowy apparition appearing and disappearing along the halls and lurking in and out of dark corners around the station.

Bishan MRT Station in Bishan, Singapore

This station along central Singapore’s mass rapid transport system was constructed over the location of the former Bi Shan Teng cemetery. Among the series of frightening reports in the station’s vicinity include ghostly sightings of headless figures and phantom passengers and the hearing of footsteps on top of moving trains. One woman was reportedly groped by unseen hands upon exiting the train one night.

Image Credit: Can Pac Swire / Flickr

Image Credit: Can Pac Swire / Flickr

Waterfront Station in Vancouver, Canada

The bustling Waterfront Station is one of the most important hubs along Vancouver’s transportation system, and is considered the city’s most haunted building. Many of the station’s attendants have reported apparition activity, especially during the night shift, when ghostly figures tend to take a stroll along the rails. One security guard swears he saw a woman dressed as a 1920s flapper dancing to music from the same era.

Macquarie Fields Station in New South Wales, Australia

This quiet, suburban railway station is home to the ghost of a teenage girl who haunts the train’s platform. Several people have reportedly seen her walking about as she clutches her bloodied chest, with her terrifying screams getting louder and louder as the nighttime approaches. When she is not vocalizing her pain and suffering, the girl at the train station sits on the platform while staring at the tracks, as her moans and groans echo around her.

Do you have any haunted train station stories? Tell us your tales in the comments!

Featured image by Robin Rocker.

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  1. Mel & Suan October 27, 2016 at 12:33 pm #

    Oh the one in Bishan, Singapore? When the hell gates open in the 7th month of the lunar calendar, it gets creepy. But nowadays with Pokemon Go, people are chasing after the spooks instead!


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