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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 7 ‘The Darkest Place’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Last night was the last episode before the epic four-night crossover event next week. The show very neatly picked up some loose threads from last season as well as connected a few dots from episodes this season. Want the details, aka spoilers? The recap continues below.

So the episode opens in an odd place. Supergirl and J’onn are fighting and it’s brutal. Our caped heroine asks our favorite Martian why they’re fighting like this. It’s a valid question, but J’onn’s response is chilling. He tells her it’s time for her to die. Before we can ponder this or be too shocked the show flashes to the gang hanging out at the alien bar that I’m now just going to call New Noonan’s. James and Kara are talking about the new hero, Guardian, who has been getting some media attention with his heroics. Despite this, Kara doesn’t trust the Guardian guy and Alex sharply points out that Guardian must have a sidekick which makes Winn a little uncomfortable. Kara points out that her cousin once worked with a vigilante and that the guy was nuts. I love when the show does little Easter eggs, and that one was a Batman reference for those who missed it. At any rate, Maggie takes the moment to approach Alex and wants to make sure things are cool, but Alex really just kind of plays it off and goes back to the gang. Alex seems to just now realize that Mon-El isn’t hanging out with them and asks where he is. Kara says he’s likely just hooking up with a girl.

Except, Mon-El is definitely not hooking up with a girl. Far from it, Mon-El is being held in a cage at Cadmus. Now, that doesn’t mean Mon-El went down without a fight. He beats up a guard, steals some keys and escapes his cage. He’s going to break on out of there totally, but then Lena Luthor’s evil mom shows up with J’onn? Evil Mom Luthor tells Mon-El that if he tries to escape she will kill J’onn. Mon-El reluctantly agrees.

Of course, Mon-El has been tricked. J’onn is actually at the DEO. M’gann shows up there to bring our favorite Martian a special brew to help him recover from his injuries and transfusion. It’s a kind gesture, but J’onn suddenly hallucinates his deceased family. J’onn covers, but is clearly rattled. Something is not right.

Out on the streets, Guardian does some crime fighting. He captures a burglar on the run, then ties the bad guy to a street light for the police to properly handle. Unfortunately, after Guardian and Winn drive away there is a second vigilante that shows up. That guy isn’t interested in the police. The second vigilante shoots the burglar in the face. The next day at work, James finds out that the Guardian is being pinned for the murder of the burglar. As this is clearly not what James intends for the Guardian, James tries to convince Snapper that someone else must have killed the guy. Snapper is his usual abrasive self and tells James that he’s biased. Winn shows up to talk with James, kind of panicking that they should stop being Guardian. James, however, disagrees, and says that they can fix things by luring the bad vigilante out during a drug bust scheduled for that evening.

Back at the DEO, J’onn isn’t quite himself and Kara notices it. J’onn admits to her that he has been hallucinating, specifically his family. Kara talks to him a little bit about her own experiences seeing her family everywhere and she tells J’onn that maybe he’s hallucinating because he feels guilty that he now has M’gann and isn’t alone anymore. It’s a good talk.

That night Guardian is right. The bad vigilante shows up at the drug bust and actually kills one of the dealers before turning attention onto Guardian. The bad vigilante claims that he wants what Guardian wants, safe streets, but Guardian points out that he doesn’t kill to do it. The police show up around then and the vigilante flees, leaving Guardian to take fire from the police. Supergirl, who is on her way to the scene and is pumped to take down Guardian, is interrupted by Cadmus. The head of Cadmus tells Supergirl that they have Mon-El and essentially tells Supergirl if she tells anyone and if she doesn’t come to Cadmus Mon-El is dead. It’s not really much of a choice and Supergirl goes to Cadmus. Who greets her? J’onn. But Supergirl realizes that it’s actually the real Hank Henshaw and the fight. Turns out Hank’s part cyborg now and despite Supergirl’s efforts (including burning off half of Hank’s face) he defeats her. Sueprgirl wakes up in the cage beside Mon-El and she can’t escape because the bars are made from Nth Metal (Easter egg again, shout out to Hawkman and Thanagar!)

At the DEO Alex wonders where her sister is. Winn suggests that she’s at CatCo and also makes an offhand comment about Guardian that leads Alex to figuring out that Winn is involved. Winn folds and owns up to it, outing James. Alex is about to call Kara about it, but Winn manages to convinces Alex to let James handle things. To that end Alex asks Maggie to stop pursuing Guardian. Of course Maggie asks for details and Alex snaps, bringing personal into professional and telling Maggie that they are not friends.

J’onn continues to hallucinate. This time he sees one of the DEO guys and thinks he’s a White Martian. J’onn almost shoots the guy, but Alex gets J’onn to stand down. This prompts J’onn to order Alex to run some medical tests. Those results aren’t good. Something is attacking J’onn’s blood cells and J’onn says he’s seen this before.  He goes right to M’gann, who appears to be leaving town, and J’onn confronts her on being a White Martian. M’gann tries to explain that she isn’t like the rest of her kind. M’gann tries to explain that she tried to save Green Martians. J’onn doens’t care. He demands M’gann reveal her true form.

Back at Cadmus, Supergirl is confronted by the head of Cadmus and realizes that she’s Lillian Luthor, Lex and Lena’s mother. In Lillian’s warped world view, Superman set Lex up and convinced everyone that Lex was evil when Superman is, in fact, evil. Lillian explains that she needs Supergirl to be human for a bit and wants this to happen by having Supergirl expend her powers using a solar flare ability. If Supergirl doesn’t? Lillian will kill Mon-El. She even shoots him in the leg to prove she means it, which prompts Supergirl to expend her powers. Once powerless, Lillian has her men draw Supergirl’s blood.

Winn figures out that the bad vigilante has been targeting criminals who got away with their crimes on a technicality. This vigilante is likely Phillip Karnowsky, an ex-Navy SEAL whose wife was recently killed and the killer was also recently killed. Winn’s pretty sure Karnowsky is responsible. Sure enough, Guardian finds Karnowsky right before he’s about to take out another criminal. This time Guardian manages to get the upper hand on Karnowsky and tosses him to Maggie and Alex. Maggie lets Guardian get away.

With her blood drawn, Supergirl is tossed back in her cage at Cadmus. She and Mon-El talk a bit about fear and Mon-El starts to tell Supergirl something about Daxam’s end but before he can get to it. Jeremiah Danver shows up! That’s right, Daddy Danver is there to save the day. He lets Supergirl and Mon-El out of their cages and moves to help them escape. Of course, Mon-El is injured so Jeremiah takes the bullet out of his leg and then stays behind so the pair can escape. Jeremiah tells Supergirl how proud of her he is.

J’onn and M’gann are fighting. J’onn says he wants to avenge his species and throws M’gann to the ground. She transforms back to her human form and J’onn demands that she switch back but M’gann says no. If he is going to kill her, M’gann wants to die as the person she wants to be.

Back at DEO following things with Guardian, Alex has heard about Supergirl and Mon-El’s captivity. Kara tells Alex that it was Jeremiah who saved them and that she knows where Cadmus has him. Alex takes a team to go rescue her father, but Cadmus is long gone by the time they arrive.

J’onn doesn’t kill M’gann. Instead, he locks her up at the DEO. M’gann gives J’onn some bad new about what’s going on with his blood. Turns out that the transfusion is turning J’onn into a White Martian and there is no way to stop it. Sure enough, J’onn transforms his hand and it’s not his green one. It’s white. Later, the gang (without J’onn) hang out at Kara’s house over food. Mon-El reveals to James and Winn that he’s interested in Kara. And in other crush news, Maggie shows up and tells Alex how important she is to her. The two agree to play pool the next day.

So what did Cadmus want with Supergirl’s blood? Cyborg Hank shows up at the Fortress of Solitude, pours Supergirl’s blood on his hand, and uses it to unlock the computer. He asks about Project Medusa.

Does J’onn turning White Martian mean next week we’ll get Fernus? What is Project Medusa? Are Kara and Mon-El a cute couple or no? Let’s discuss these questions and more in the comments! Next week, it’s time for a crossover event!



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