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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 7 ‘Killer Frost’

The Flash is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in The FlashBack.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Last night’s episode might just have been the best of the season thus far. Directed by Kevin Smith, “Killer Frost” pulled together many of the threads that have been dangling since Barry did the thing, effectively putting Team Flash in an interesting place for after the four-part crossover next week. This recap will be full of spoilers, just fair warning.

We pick up where we left off last week with the Flash being pinned to the ceiling by some freaky DC answer to Marvel’s Ultron creature calling itself Savitar. Savitar happens to be not just a speedster, but invisible to everyone except Barry. Barry, for his part, screams at Joe to shoot Savitar but Joe can’t see him. This seems to amuse Savitar who decides to take Barry for a run. At STAR, Team Flash is trying to track Barry but they notice that Barry is appearing and re-appearing in multiple places at the same time. How is that? Well, it’s because Savitar is the fastest fast thing that has ever been fast. This is why, Cisco says, they can’t track him.

Somehow, though, the team is able to figure out that Barry and Savitar are at the waterfront so Cisco and Caitlin show up through a breach. Opening up the portal is really difficult on Cisco as Vibe, but equally challenging in a different sense is what Caitlin does. She uses her cold powers to freeze Savitar, albeit temporarily, and free Barry. With Barry safe, the team has a lot to work on back at STAR. Opening the breach like that caused Cisco to have a mini stroke and has left him with a bad headache. Caitlin is having issues controlling her powers, which we can see by her eyes changing over to Killer Frost eyes, and Wally is still stuck in the creepy crystal cocoon. The team has to figure out how to help Wally and the only thing they’ve really figured out is that Alchemy is just a front for Savitar.

Joe goes to the police station to question one of the robed acolytes that had been kneeling to Alchemy. Since they know Alchemy is just a figurehead, the need more information about Savitar. Of course, this acolyte isn’t much for talking which prompts Joe to grab the guy’s already busted nose with a talk or else ultimatum. Joe doesn’t get to go full bad cop, though. Caitlin inexplicably knocks on the door and tells Joe that Wally is recovered and needs his dad back at the lab. Joe goes, which leaves Caitlin with the guy. Caitlin then goes full Killer Frost and demands to know where Alchemy is. She is almost caught by the actual police, but uses freeze breath to escape. Unfortunately, Julian spots her which prompts Killer Caitlin to kidnap him.

It doesn’t take long for the gang to figure out that Caitlin was lying and therefore we have a problem. Joe and Barry head to the station, where Barry finds out that the precinct was attacked and Julian taken hostage. And why did Killer Caitlin take Julian? She wants him to create an algorithm that will assist her in finding either Alchemy or Savitar. Julian finds two people who have searched for Savitar in Central City, but he also uses his laptop to let the police know his location. This angers Killer Caitlin who is about to frost Julian. Fortunately, Flash shows up to stop her. Flash knocks Julian out in the process and Killer Caitlin reveals to Flash that she just wants Savitar to stop her powers. At this point, though, Caitlin is nearly full Killer Frost. When Barry tells her he can help, she in turn cruelly runs down a list of all the things Barry has messed up, including being the reason Cisco’s brother is dead. She then stabs Barry with an icicle so he can’t follow her.

Back at the lab, Barry is in bad shape, has come clean to Cisco, and Cisco is pretty upset with Barry. However, the team has to help Caitlin and with the addresses of the Alchemy supporters in hand Cisco goes to stake out one house while Joe and Wells the 3rd go tot he other. Cisco doesn’t want Barry’s help. Wells the 3rd tells Joe that Barry’s best superpower is hope, the whole thing is just sad. Stuck at STAR, Barry and Iris are alerted to a significant temperature change in the city and it happens to be at the house Cisco is watching.

And what is Killer Frost up to? She’s found a follower of Alchemy and threatens him with an icicle to tell her where to find Alchemy. Turns out Alchemy can’t take her powers, and Savitar has plans for Caitlin. The acolyte actually calls Caitlin Killer Frost and tells her that she is glorious as the villain. About that time Cisco comes on the scene. Still in Killer mode, Caitlin shoots icicles at Cisco before Barry shows up. Caitlin then uses a frozen kiss to try to kill Barry, but Cisco knocks her down. It saves Barry’s life, but things are still cold between them.

Back at STAR, Caitlin is locked up in a cell. She is also still Killer Frost and continues with her cruel barbs at Barry. Barry in turn asks Cisco if there is anyway to get Caitlin back, but Cisco sadly and pointedly tells him that sometimes you can’t fix broken things. Broken Barry finds a quiet place to brood which leads to Iris being the real MVP with her pep-talk that keeps Barry going. She’s interrupted just after making her point, though, by noise coming from Wally’s cocoon. Joe and Wells the 3rd decided to bust Wally out. Wally comes out, but he’s vibrating. Like a speedster. Wally bolts from the room at super speed and now they have a Wally problem. Barry realizes that the only person who can help them is Caitlin because Wally is not himself. To that end, Barry opens up Caitlin’s cell and says that she can go. The catch? In order to leave, Caitlin has to kill Barry. Barry taunts her and taunts her, but she can’t do it. Underneath all the Killer Frost Caitlin still exists. She breaks out of Killer Frost mode and hugs Barry. There is hope for her.

Caitlin explains that Wally’s mind and body aren’t in sync right now because of the speed. To fix it, she made a serum that will match things back up. They just need to find Wally, which turns out to be easy enough. Wally has gone to the house he grew up in and while Joe distracts Wally, the Flash injects Wally with the serum. Wally snaps out if, recognizes Joe, then passes out. Wally will be fine. When he wakes the next morning, Wally is gleefully a speedster and the whole team is happy. Happy, that is, until they get news that Julian is awake from the Killer Frost Attack. Barry decides to go talk to Julian, but stops to see if things will be okay with Cisco. Cisco tells Barry that he doesn’t know.

At the hospital, Julian tells Barry that Caitlin is an evil meta and that she is a menace. Barry tries to explain that things aren’t cut and dry for metahumans, that Caitlin is sick and needs help. Barry make a deal with Julian, that he will do anything if Julian doesn’t turn Caitlin in. Julian agrees, but his price is that Barry quits his job. Very next scene we see Barry packing up at the lab. Joe and Iris protest this, but Barry seems fine with his choice because he’d give up anything for his friends.

And then? Julian starts hearing Savitar’s voice and tries to run, but Savitar is right outside. And next we see? Julian opens a drawer at the lab and pulls out Alchemy’s mask. That’s right, folks. Julian is Alchemy.

Next week? Four part crossover event. Until then, though, were you surprised about Julian being Alchemy? Can Barry defeat Savitar? Can the team find a way to tame the Killer Frost powers for use on the side of good? So many questions! Let’s answer them in the comments!

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