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‘Bad Santa 2’s Cristina Rosato Talks St. Nick’s Raunchy Return

It’s official: The holidays are upon us. With the season of giving in full swing, films with a holiday flair are turning up in theaters across the globe. This season marks the return of a Christmas favorite in the form of Billy Bob Thornton as everyone’s favorite “Bad Santa”.

Bad Santa 2 debuted in theaters on November 23, grossing $9 million within its first week. We spoke with actress Cristina Rosato, one of the film’s stars, in a Q & A on the new flick, the funniest cast member off-camera, and her views on a potential Bad Santa 3.

Source: Tim Leyes

Source: Tim Leyes

The Hudsucker: Congrats on your latest role in Bad Santa 2! What can you tell us about your character, Alice?

Cristina Rosato: Thank you. Alice works at the ‘Good Works’ charity that Billy Bob and Tony Cox come to “work for.” Hilarity ensues. 

The Hudsucker: Have you seen the first Bad Santa film? What about it, or [perhaps] the script for this project, made you want to join the cast?

Rosato: Yes! It’s one of my favorite raunchy comedies. It didn’t take much for me to want to join this cast. As soon as I heard there was going to be a second one, I was in.

The Hudsucker: Did you have the opportunity to share scenes with Christina Hendricks, Kathy Bates, or Billy Bob Thornton? If so, what were those experiences like? 

Rosato: I didn’t have any scenes with them unfortunately. Isn’t it funny how you can work on a movie with an actor and never work together? I did get to hang out with Christina Hendricks between takes though. She’s awesome. And so dreamy. 

The Hudsucker: What was your favorite part about filming this project?

Rosato: Well it was shot in my hometown of Montreal so that was special! And getting to work on a straight up comedy was so much fun. I really loved working with director Mark Waters. He is so bright and witty.

The Hudsucker: You’ve also portrayed characters in dramas as well. Which would you say is a tougher task, comedy or drama?

Rosato: Good question. They both present their own challenges. I would say dramas are tough because you’re dealing with emotional content and trying to keep it fresh and in the moment is sometimes difficult. Comedies are tough because finding the funny beats over and over is a new challenge for me. So it trying not to crack up during a take. Yeah, I get it, Jimmy Fallon. 

Actress Cristin Rosato. Source: Sabrina Lantos

Actress Cristin Rosato. Source: Sabrina Lantos

The Hudsucker: When cameras weren’t rolling, who was the funniest on set? Who surprised you the most? 

Rosato:[laughs] Ryan Hansen and I would crack up between takes. We spent our free time doing impressions for each other. It was ridiculous. 

The Hudsucker: How do you think fans will take to this film compared to the first?

Rosato: Oh, I think they’ll be quite happy with the sequel. 

The Hudsucker: Do you see yourself taking on more comedic roles in the future?

Rosato: Oh absolutely! I’m addicted.

The Hudsucker: If you were to be asked to take part in a Bad Santa 3, what would you say?

Rosato: Hell yes!

Bad Santa 2 is in theaters now! Keep up with Rosato’s upcoming work and see her past billing credits on her IMDb. You can also keep up with her day-to-day life by following her on Twitter!

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