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Actor Douglas Nyback Talks His New ‘Delicious’ Role From Damon and Affleck

The names “Matt Damon” and “Ben Affleck” might ring a bell, but Douglas Nyback is making a name for himself on the new Damon-Affleck Syfy show, Incorporated.

We spoke with the actor on his new villainous role, working with the Hollywood A-listers, and what’s next for the up-and-coming actor.

Actor Douglas Nyback. Source: Hayley Andoff

Actor Douglas Nyback. Source: Hayley Andoff

Incorporated centers around Ben Larson as he attempts to interfere with all-controlling corporations, while saving the love of his life. The show comes to Syfy with help from Academy Award winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, along with Jennifer Todd and Ted Humphrey.

When speaking with Nyback, he maintained the mystery of his character, Roger, while spilling some juicy details to come.

“I couldn’t be more excited about it. Hmmm, without giving too much away, I’ll say that Roger is a legacy man as he comes from a rich and powerful family. But more that that, Roger is deliciously villainous. He’s the guy who realized very early that you don’t have to be the best if you can exploit everyone else’s worst. He’s the guy you love to hate. Manipulative, exploitative, elitist and proud of it.”

The show, Nyback says, symbolizes much bigger issues than what is showcased in the drama. He was quick to point out the political relativism the show speaks to.

“Our show is all about corporations being granted universal power. In a capitalist democracy, either capitalism or democracy will eventually win out, they can’t co-exist forever. In our world, capitalism won. And it costs people their lives, homes, prosperity and in many cases their humanity. If left unchecked, a few years from now our real life present day could very much look like Incorporated’s dystopian future.”

Nyback’s casting in the show was a milestone for the actor. Scoring a role in a Syfy drama is an accomplishment all on its own, but landing one in a show helmed by Damon and Affleck was a dream come true.

“It was such an honor. The second after I booked it I called my parents and was like, ‘I’m working for Batman and Jason Bourne!’ Those guys are such creative giants, I have such tremendous respect and admiration for them. I’m just fortunate that I get to stand on their shoulders and call myself tall.”

While Nyback has spent time on set for the show, he hasn’t yet gotten the opportunity to mingle with the Good Will Hunting duo.

“I think Mr. Damon was jet setting around the world shooting Bourne and Mr. Affleck was busy on Justice League. But from what I’ve been told by our producers and creative team, they have been intimately involved in the creative process. This story is near and dear to so many of the causes these gentlemen fight for.”

Source: Hayley Andoff

Source: Hayley Andoff

All in all, Nyback’s time filming the show was rewarding in more ways than simply working under the minds of Damon and Affleck. The actor explained his time working with the cast and crew was memorable and “infectious.”

“The day to day work with the amazing cast and crew we had. Working with Sean Teale, Dennis Haysbert, Julia Ormand, Eddie Raymos, Denise Tontz and Allison Miller was just an unreal process. Sean is the hardest working number one I’ve ever seen. There wasn’t a moment that he wasn’t running lines or doing character work. That kind of energy is totally infectious. Every actor and creative person on this show did everything they could to saturate each moment with character and story.”

As for any on-set instances that Nyback will always remember, scheduling played a role in creating some very Instagram-worthy moments.

“There was one night where our whole schedule got flipped around. We all got to set in the afternoon and I don’t think we started filming until 7:00AM the next day. We were all so loopy and stir crazy that by the time we got to our scenes, Dennis, Sean, Saad and Alex were jamming out to Dennis’ iPhone and Sean was playing Alex’s leg like a guitar, singing ‘Your body is an instrument!'” The actor said. “I think I have video of that, actually, I need to Instagram that ASAP! It was surreal. Even when we were that tired we had so much fun.”

Overall, Nyback believes the show’s relativism to today’s society and corporate greed is what will most speak to viewers, and he believes it makes for one hell of a story.

“It’s such a timely story. The dangers of unchecked corporate greed and control are very real. What science fiction allows us to do is tell a very entertaining and engaging story that serves as a microcosm for real life issues. And believe me, our show is entertaining and engaging to the maxso I think we’ll reach a lot of people.”

So, what’s next for Nyback? How about a Siberian survival tale of three WWII vets? Nyback’s upcoming film Walking Supply is a short that just premiered at the Toronto International Short Film Festival, and it’s a story the Kit Kittredge: An American Girl actor is proud to tell.

“The film is about three men escaping a Russian gulag after WWII and their journey of survival through the Siberian wilderness. I play Oleg, a tough-as-nails survivor. He’s truly a vicious and animalistic man.”

For now, Nyback will bouncing from continent to continent working on new projects that sure to thrill his fans.

“I’m actually in Cuba right now working on a feature film called Skin about a young woman who is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I play her boyfriend and the film is all about how she turns to stand-up comedy to cope with her illness,” he says. “Then, I’m off to Romania to shoot another feature in the new year. It’s always amazing when work travels you to exotic locations!”

Incorporated airs on Syfy Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Check out Nyback’s upcoming projects on his IMDb, and follow him on social media through Twitter and Instagram!

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