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Actor Douglas Nyback Talks His New ‘Delicious’ Role From Damon and Affleck

The names “Matt Damon” and “Ben Affleck” might ring a bell, but Douglas Nyback is making a name for himself on the new Damon-Affleck Syfy show, Incorporated. We spoke with the actor on his new villainous role, working with the Hollywood A-listers, and what’s next for the up-and-coming actor.

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Movie Review: Matt Damon is Reborn in ‘Jason Bourne’

After a nine-year wait and briefly handing the franchise over to Jeremy Renner in 2012 with a box office dud that disappointed fans, Matt Damon returns to the silver screen as the titular rogue CIA-agent, Jason Bourne in the fourth installment of famed author, Robert Ludlum’s popular spy series. As reported by Variety earlier this […]

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‘Buy a Lady a Drink’: Turning Beer into Clean Water

Water.org in partnership with Belgian beer company, Stella Artois have launched their latest campaign ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’, focusing on the long and harrowing treks women around the world make in order to find clean water. In an effort to drive forth awareness on the global water crisis and help provide successful results, the campaign aims to put a stop to these water-collecting journeys, so “women can start new journeys of their own.”

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Happy World Water Day!

When you drank a glass of water today, did you really look at it? Did you realize that something so common and normal to us has a deep dark truth behind it? A truth that really none of us know about or even realize. Water, a liquid made up of two parts hydrogen and one […]

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Matt Damon: ‘I’m Going on Strike!’

Actor and co-founder of Water.org, Matt Damon announced earlier this afternoon that he would go on strike from using toilets, creating headlines around the world. Yes, you read it correctly. “Jason Bourne” is not going to use a toilet…

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Everybody Poops! Talking Crap for World Toilet Day

There’s no other way around it, but the fact is that we all poop. Didn’t expect to read that sentence now, did you? It may sound funny to say out loud, but we all do it. That gorgeous girl you saw at the bar who smiled at you last night? Well, she probably did it […]

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