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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 9 ‘Supergirl Lives’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome back from winter hiatus! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Last night with the events of the four part DC crossover event behind her, Supergirl returned to National City but as you’ll soon find out it’s not for long. As always there are spoilers beyond this point!

Our episode opens up with the Girl of Steel chasing a van load of jewel thieves. Jewel thieves are a little comic book cliche, but these guys go the extra mile to be unique by brandishing a bazooka. Of course, bazookas aren’t a match for Supergirl. She stops the van using her heat vision, but two of the bad guys manage to run away. That’s when Guardian shows up to help. Winn also jumps into the fray but almost gets shot in the head by a thief, only escaping death because Guardian shows up at the last moment. Later, after a conversation between Kara and Alex about Kara being in a funk, Alex decides to skip work with Maggie.

At CatCo, Kara and Jimmy both write stories about the jewel heist. Snapper, per the usual, isn’t into anything. This includes when a woman shows up at Snapper’s office asking for help to find her missing daughter. Kara, being Kara, offers to help. Snapper, being Snapper, doesn’t see it as news. Snapper also just wants his coffee, which is somewhat valid. In her efforts to help the woman, Kara rolls up to the alien bar where she finds Mon-El bartending. Mon-El got a job! Being a bartender, he tries to offer kara some advice, but she’s there to meet Maggie. As it would turn out there has been a lot of missing persons cases lately.

Cue bad guys. Somewhere else, a scientist type leads a young man to a creepy empty warehouse before pushing him into what has to be some alien machine. The scientist then thanks the always creepy Roulette. For what, you might ask? For finding “another perfect candidate.” This cannot be good.

Kara is still on the case of the missing girl and goes to Winn for help with all of the recent missing persons. What he tells her is that all of the people recently missing had bloodwork done. Speaking of bloodwork, Kara notices Winn’s pretty nasty bruise from his tango with the jewel thief. Armed with the intel about the bloodwork, Kara and Mon-El go to the clinic where the missing had said bloodwork done. And guess what, the scientist from earlier is there. He tries to push them through the machine/portal thing, but Supergirl fights them off. Instead, she runs into the portal to try to find the girl. Unfortunately for Supergirl the planet she ends up on has a red sun. And a red sun means no powers. This isn’t good as an alien attacks her upon arrival, but Mon-El follows right behind, saving her. Following the rescue, Supergirl and Mon-El argue about next steps and Kara, being Kara, really wants to find the missing people. There’s a giant fortress in the distance that probably has the asnwer for that.

Back on Earth, Jimmy goes to check on Winn. Winn freaks out and tries to quit helping Jimmy. Alex has no idea where Kara is and asks the guys if they do.

On the way to the fortress Mon-El gets his leg caught in a trap so he and kara are then captured by an alien named Jo. But it’s not really a capture. Jo frees Mon-El and explains to the pair that the missing people? Yeah, they’re being sold as slaves. This sets off a lightbulb for Mon-El as he realizes that they are on Slaver’s Moon. Jo tries to tell them that there is no way into the fortress, but Kara disagrees. The way in is to surrender. Surrender underway, the scientist leads our heroes to the human prisoners where Sueprgirl finds the missing girl, Izzy. She admits to being without her powers and right then Roulette shows up, explaining that she went into the slave trade after Supergirl ended her club. Oh and a Dominator shows up. Wants to buy humans.

Back on Earth, Alex finds the portal. J’onn realizes what it is and the DEO tracks Supergirl to Slaver’s Moon. J’onn can’t go help, though. Turns out Slaver’s Moon’s atmosphere is toxic to Martians. News goes from bad to worse when Alex full on freaks out on Maggie because Kara happened to go missing during their hookie session. Alex then recruits Winn to help rescue Kara and manages to keep Winn from chickening out with a pep talk.

Also doing pep talks is Supergirl. She gives one to the prisoners, which prompts Mon-El to ask why she is always trying to save people. Supergirl tells him she never gives in. When the slavers show up, Supergirl tries to protect everyone which results in them going at her with essentially bit tasers. This doesn’t make Mon-El happy. In fact, it inspires him and the other humans to fight back. They overwhelm the slavers which lets Supergirl lock Roulette and the scientist up before leading the humans towards freedom.

Alex and Winn bring a strike team through the portal and has Winn unlock it so they can all go home. Alex then goes to the fortress, attacking from the front as Supergirl and Mon-El protect the prisoners. Mon-El almost gets shot, but then a Dominator stops the bad guy and bows. To Mon-El. Now to get things moving. Winn beats up a guard trying to stop him from starting the portal. Winn then starts the portan when Supergirl and company shows up. Alien Jo saves Alex and goes to Earth with everyone else, but a warship rolls up and the girl they went to save is dragged away. Fortunately, Alex has a yellow sun grenade that she is able to use for Supergirl to rescue the girl. Supergirl and the girl go through the portal home with Supergirl sealing the portal shut.

Now for the cleanup. Kara returns the girl to her mother before turning in a report on Slaver’s Moon to Snapper. Once Kara leaves, Snapper smiles to himself. Snapper smiles! Alex apologizes to Maggie and Maggie reveals that she knows Kara is Supergirl. Mon-El visits Kara at her apartment and admits he’s been wrong about not being involved and says he wants to be a superhero. Kara in turn gives him the Highlights magazine he was reading earlier, telling him he is more Gallant than Goofus. And then? Those creepy aliens from before show up on Slaver’s Moon looking for Mon-El. The scientist rats out that Mon-El is on Earth and then the aliens? They disintegrate the scientist.

So what is the deal with those aliens? And why did the Dominators bow to Mon-El? Give me your best theories in comments!

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