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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 10 ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’

The Flash is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in The FlashBack.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome back Flash fans! With the holiday season behind us we can get back to our friends in Central City. As always there are going to be spoilers for last night’s episode in this recap so if you haven’t seen it yet, stop here.

So we start with Barry having nightmares of Savitar killing Iris. It appears that this is something that’s been happening a lot lately as Iris, who is in bed with him, seems concerned and mentions that his screaming in his sleep wakes her up. Before she can press, their phones ring. There’s a fire in progress. Time for the Flash to act.

The Flash meets up with Wally as Kid Flash and get to the scene. Once there they find out that the fire is contained to a room that also has a Central City Detective trapped in it. Barry uses his cool vortex skill to suck the fire out a window, thus saving the day. Wally assisted by opening the door. Back at STAR, Wally is excited to work up to “kicking ass” but Cisco is a little short about that not being what superheroes do. Caitlin interrupts, pointing out that her bracelets that keep her from going Frosty keep dying.

Wally heads to the police station to get Joe for breakfast. While there he overhears the detective he helped to save talking smack about how Kid Flash sucks compared to the Flash. It stings. As this is going on, HR is giving the gang a tour of his now-completed museum. It’s really nice! Except for the Cisco hologram.

Caitlin, still struggling about her powers, goes to speak with Julian. She asks for his help in getting rid of her powers, but Julian shoots her down. He says he doesn’t help rid people of powers, he puts people with powers in prison. As she leaves, her bracelets start dying and she almost turns into Killer Frost before getting the bracelets plugged into a power source.

Back at Barry and Iris’ loft, Barry has unpacked their whole place. It’s beautiful, but Iris presses Barry about the nightmares again. Once again Barry is saved by the bell. There’s a robbery in progress and he has to go help. When he gets to the jewelry store, Barry finds it’s being robbed by Jared Morillo, who ultimately escapes on a motorcycle. Barry puts it together that Morillo was from the previous timeline and is connected to Savitar killing Iris.

Caitlin returns to speak with Julian at the police department and after consoling him about Savitar, she suggests he join the STAR team. Back at STAR, Barry picks HR’s brain about the future, specifically wanting to know if he thinks the future is fixed or malleable. HR says he thinks it’s fixed, but Cisco interrupts. Another robbery. It’s Morillo again. This time Morillo has a special gun that causes issues for Barry. This results in Wally besting Morillo. A bystander gets video and Wally excitedly introduces himself as Kid Flash.

Back at STAR everyone is excited for Wally, but Barry is a big downer. He reminds Wally that he’s supposed to be shadowing. This hurts Wally and when Joe is leaving, Joe tells Barry to stop ragging on Wally.

Grand opening of the museum time! Except no one shows up. Two people do eventually come up, but they thought the museum was free so they leave. Julian eventually shows up and says he’ll join the team, which catches the gang off guard. They go downstairs to have a private conversation. People are wary of Julian, but Caitlin reminds them that Julian has thus far been trustworthy and to give him a chance. Barry also opens up to Iris by taking her to the secret room. He tells her about the possibility that Savitar kills her. Barry swears he will protect her, though, and swears on his parents’ lives.

Barry and Iris also let the rest of the team (except Joe) in on this possible future. The gang talks about trying to figure out how to change the future and it comes down to changing the right events. Cisco decides to vibe Barry into the future so they can look for clues, calling them out to the rest of the gang. This gives them a variety of television news headlines to guide events. Interestingly, though, this time in the future they spot Wells with a rifle pointed at Savitar. This wasn’t there before to this means things are already changing. Once they’re back from the vibe, Wally informs them that Morillo has escaped.

Using the headlines from the future Barry figures out that Morillo will try to rob the museum next so the Flash and Wally suit up. Barry apologizes to Wally for earlier and tells Wally that stopping Morillo has to be on him. So even with Morillo using all kinds of weapons and things against them, the speedsters stop Morillo with Wally taking the win as the crowd cheers his name. Wally being the one to stop Morillo changes one of the headlines from the future so this emboldens the gang that they can change them all.

Upstairs at the museum, things are now busy and thriving. The Cisco hologram works! It looks like the museum may be successful after all, which would also change the future. For the moment, things feel optimistic. Enough so that it’s time to party. Barry and Iris throw a house warming party and the whole team shows up. Julian also shows up and is welcomed to Team Flash. Barry patches up with Joe about being too hard on Wally while Julian and Cisco give Caitlin a necklace to keep her ice at bay instead of the faulty bracelets. It’s a happy moment for all. And then? Somewhere in the city a breach opens up and a girl pops out with a pocket-sized hologram of HR.

Hey, Gypsy.

Next week? Cisco gets a nemesis! Until then, share with me your thoughts on this episode in the comments!

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