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5 Diaper Bag Essentials Every Parent Needs to Consider

Image Credit: iStock

Image Credit: iStock

When it comes to parenting, there is a lot to consider. But nothing might be more important than the diaper bag. We’ve been told by family and friends that the moment our little one arrives, we might never leave the house again without an arsenal of baby needs under every arm and in every pocket.

Today, women carry a lot in their purses, while men might zoom through their day with a trendy messenger bag holding their devices. However, when baby comes into the picture, many might feel like they need to give up their bags in favor of the quintessential diaper bag to carry a whole lot more stuff. After all, don’t babies need a lot of things too?

While packing might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to feel like you’re packing for a week long vacation. It’s assumed babies have a lot of things, but there are actually only a few items that are truly diaper bag essentials. To help equip mommies and daddies everywhere, we look at five essential items you can’t leave home without when baby is in tow.

Diapers and wipes

They call them diaper bags for a reason. These are a non-negotiable duo that you absolutely must have, but the trick is that you don’t need that many diapers on the go so long as it’s a regular outing. Try slipping three or four diapers and a case of wipes into a handy little pouch, such as the JuJuBe Be Quick for women or the Diaper Dude Mini for men, and call it good. Just make sure you bring as many wipes as you can fit with you. Wipes tend to be far more important than diapers on the go.


Baby skin is so sensitive and delicate. Their skin can get too dry very quickly so having a little bit of lotion in the bag is so important. A small bit of lotion can help soothe skin irritated by cold air or banish any dry spots baby might have pop up. The lotion is also helpful for parents experiencing some dry skin due to washing their hands a lot with all those diaper changes.

Muslin blanket or receiving blanket 

These things are godsends. Little chill in the air? The blanket helps keep baby warm. Sun really bright? The blanket helps shield baby from those bright rays. No changing pad? The blanket is a clean place for those diaper changes. Baby’s stomach unhappy? The blanket makes a great burp cloth and can even be styled up as a scarf if mom’s shirt took one for the team.

Spare baby clothes 

Spit up and bad diapers happen. Sometimes they happen to the level where they cause a wardrobe malfunction. Having something to change baby into makes life a lot easier, but you don’t have to pack an entire outfit. A spare bodysuit is just enough to make sure baby is clean and if baby’s legs need to be kept warm? Well, you’ve got that blanket in the bag to help out. Keeping a pair of pajamas in the bag is even better and super cute as well.

Toy or pacifier

Inevitably you’ll be out and about when baby decides they need soothing or just plain get bored. Keeping a small toy or pacifier in your bag will keep something for baby at the ready and be a valuable tool in keeping you sane. Baby like pacifiers and toys? Go ahead and bring both. With all the room you’ve cleared in your bag you definitely have the space.

And that’s it, all you really need to carry in your on the go diaper bag. If you pack it right you might even be able to fit it all on one pouch to toss right in your purse. Now if only organizing the makeup bag were this easy!

What are your diaper bag essentials? Let us know in the comments below!

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