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7 Recipes to Celebrate International Waffle Day That Will Get Anyone out of Bed

If there is one food around that most of us can support having a food holiday for, it’s probably waffles. One of the most pleasing and glorious foods out there, I think I’d even support having a monthly food holiday celebrating them. This could totally work because not only can waffles be enjoyed as is for just about any meal during the day, but they are also great bases for many of different foods.

You can work different flavorings into the waffle batter itself, add all different sorts of food to the batter, or you could top plain waffles with almost anything you could think of. They also can be made sweet or savory very easily. With tomorrow being International Waffle Day, now seems like a great time to share some waffle recipes that are more on the indulgent side and less on the everyday meal side. Here are seven recipes that you’ll want to celebrate with that will get just about anyone out of bed!

Banana Bread Waffles with Bananas Foster Sauce {via bobby flay}
This was one of those recipes that I saw Bobby Flay make on his show and immediately marked it as something I needed to make. When this recipe says “banana bread waffles” it doesn’t mean a banana bread flavored waffle. No, it means you are literally making a loaf of decadent banana bread, then putting slices of that in your waffle iron to create your waffle. After which you’ll be making bananas foster sauce, complete with a whole stick of butter and some rum, and then pouring that over the ironed banana bread. It’s heaven. And if you don’t use up your whole loaf of banana bread making these, you’ll have that left over to enjoy in the coming days.

Image Credit: adam bartlett

Pepperoni Pizza Puff Pastry {via serious eats}
Puff pastry is one of the pastry wonders of the world. It’s so multi-functional and because it is much too labor intensive to make at home you get to buy it ready-to-use. Here it’s being used as the waffle shell for one of the most popular flavors of pizza. One of the most exciting parts of this treat is how shockingly simple it is to put together. You are just making a pizza on one layer of the puff pastry and then taking the other sheet and putting it on top to seal. Turn it into a spiral shape, put it on your iron, and minutes later you’ve got pop-able puff pastry pizza with barely any effort.

Mickey Waffles {via walt disney world via the disney chef}
If you’ve been to Disney World or Disneyland and eaten breakfast in any of the parks or hotels there, you know the magic of the Mickey Waffle. It’s one of the top signature Disney foods that is highly revered. And trust me when I say that it’s not just talked about because the waffles are in the shape of Mickey’s cute little face — these waffles are actually delicious. They’re on my mind currently because I just got back from Disney World two weeks ago and I ate these 3 different times. I was only there a week so, if that isn’t a ringing endorsement for how addictive these things are I don’t know what is. This is the secret recipe for them but another little secret is to use Golden Malted flour in place of the AP that is suggested here. That’s the flour they use in the parks, and it’s the reason for that special malt-y vanilla flavor that sets these apart.

Cheddar Cornbread Waffles {via how sweet eats}
Cornbread, it’s something that is so easy to love. There’s a million different ways and shapes to make it that there’s a recipe out there for everyone to love. Here it’s taken on the form of a waffle with the help from some cheese. You really can’t go wrong with having cornbread any time any way but adding cheddar to it and turning it into a waffle? That’s gotta be even the pickiest eater-proof. This is a full meal waffle, it’s definitely not a side dish but something to make as the star of the meal. I personally don’t like eggs so I skip out on them here, but everyone who does raves about that fried egg on top. The good news is that this dish is perfectly satisfying without it if you’re like me though, and is especially perfect for brunch or a breakfast-for-dinner situation.

Chocolate Waffles with No Churn Mint Ice Cream {via the sugar hit}
Waffles and ice cream is such a classic combination. This one takes that idea and turns it on it’s head a little bit by changing up the normal flavors that are involved. Usually when you get a waffle with ice cream you’ll see the standard vanilla waffle, vanilla or chocolate ice cream and then maybe some chocolate sauce & whipped cream on top. This instead uses a homemade chocolate waffle with homemade (but no churn, meaning you don’t need an ice cream mixer to make it!) mint chip ice cream. It’s complete heaven for all those mint & chocolate lovers out there. Surprisingly the no churn ice cream is still super creamy thanks to the short cut of using sweetened condensed milk instead of regular cream. You can really can barely taste the difference between the standard ice cream and this one, which is a total win.

Image Credit: jessica merchant

Cinnamon Roll Waffles {via the recipe critic}
The ever-popular trend of taking a cinnamon roll and twisting it into everything other than it’s original form. Most recipes for “cinnamon roll waffles” that I’ve encountered are simply store bought cinnamon rolls that are put in a waffle iron without anything else changing. Which…fine. But I’m always looking for something a little more. The other popular incarnation is to make a standard vanilla waffle then top it with a cinnamon sugar sauce and cream cheese frosting after it comes out of the iron. A little more than fine, but still not it. That’s where this recipe comes in though: A cinnamon waffle (with maple syrup in the batter) and cream cheese frosting made to put on top, so you are getting that cinnamon roll flavor in every bite. Finally, It Is IT.

Croque Monsieur Waffle Sandwich {via goodie godmother}
The croque monsieur is usually a pretty refined sandwich. Most of the time french food, especially the classics, are all about refinement and this is a sandwich that has been around forever and certainly fits that bill. This waffle is taking all those delicious ingredients from the croque monsieur but bringing it back down to earth a little bit and turning it into a waffle instead of a fancy sandwich. It’s a little bit more of an approachable dish that the classic, but still just as delicious.

What is your favorite way to eat waffles?

Featured image is by Roman Kraft.

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