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May the Fourth Be With You: 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day

{Image Credit: Lucasfilms / Walt Disney Pictures}

Holy Sith, it is time to say it loud and say it proud! “May the 4th Be With You” is the treasured and funny pun Star Wars fans have now turned into one of the most brilliantly thought out lines uniting cries to declare their love for the timeless sci-fi saga.

Based on the famous line, “may the force be with you,” the day honors the story of Jedis, the Resistance, Skywalkers and of course, all that binds our great galaxy together, no matter how far, far away we might be from one another.

With May being an extremely important month for Star Wars fans, the 40-year long franchise has remained one of the most beloved of any silver screen saga, and continues to grow its fan base every year.

If you are in need of some serious Star Wars inspiration to get you excited for the big day, we share a few ways you can celebrate “May the 4th” with your family, friends and fellow Jedis.

Marathon the movies

This might be a given, but start a Star Wars movie marathon with your friends and family and start most logically from The Phantom Menace. If you can’t do the whole thing because, well, work, a mini-marathon starting with Rogue One and A New Hope would suffice for a fun-filled evening! While you’re at it, watch the trailer for the new Star Wars film coming out this December!

Dress up for the occasion

{Image Credit: Target}

While a lot might just go into the full-on cosplay route with their family, friends and partners, if you want to be more subtle and still run errands to the grocery store, pull out a sweet Star Wars t-shirt or sweatshirt. Target, Hot Topic and Walmart have a lot of legit apparel licensed from the movie franchise that are super cute and can be an essential part of your wardrobe.

Moreover, if you want to spice it up with your partner, definitely go that cosplay route — your relationship will appreciate it! It will be hilarious and an experience you both will remember for years to come.

Get artsy fartsy with crafts

Get those creative juices flowing to Feel the Force! Sure you can write all your notes and plans for world domination in that regular old notebook from Staples, but you can zest it up by learning how to make a genuine Death Star planner. If you want to get the kids involved, dress up in some easy DIY costumes that will make parenting with your little darlings a lot more fun.

Movie inspired recipes

{Image Credit: Kix Cereal}

Pinterest is a haven for the creative mind and thankfully, everything is possible with it — including Star Wars recipes! From Storm Trooper cupcakes, a snack mix of Yodas, and light sabre pretzels, you can seriously have a fun party. And don’t forget the drinks! With a simple search on Pinterest, you can opt for some creative refreshments, like a Chewbacca Caramel Cocoa or a Chewbacca Cocktail — take your pick.

One of the starriest staples from the franchise is “blue milk,” a breakfast table favorite drunk by Luke Skywalker when residing on Tatooine. Star Wars’ official website includes a bunch of delicious recipes, including this one made from frozen bananas, blue milk (made with blue food gel dye, of course) and honey!

“Always pass on what you have learned…”

As Yoda shared with young Luke Skywalker, “pass on what you have learned” is a gift everyone will appreciate. While you can introduce your siblings and friends to the franchise, the message behind Star Wars has always been about altruism. If you have merchandise you don’t need anymore or have seriously outgrown, donate them and make the day special for kids who are growing up with the franchise and finding the same wonderment you did.

Moreover, honor the films by supporting a good cause by entering a contest that benefits everyone. As announced today on Good Morning America earlier this month, “Star Wars: Force For Change” has teamed up with Omaze to launch Star Wars “Past, Present, and Future”, a new fundraising campaign to benefit UNICEF and Starlight Children’s Foundation that honors the saga’s landmark 40th anniversary.

* * * * *

By now you have surely seen the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but for the sake of the day, check it out again. It seriously gives us all the feels!

[H/T Wikipedia]

How will you be celebrating “May the Fourth”? Share with us in the comments below.

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One Comment on “May the Fourth Be With You: 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day”

  1. May the Fourth be with You Too! Thanks for all these great ideas!!! In case any of your readers are looking for additional ideas, we have a blog dedicated to nothing but Star Wars fun: food, costumes, DIY, crafts.
    – Anette

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