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I Want Candy: A Sweet Playlist for National Candy Month

Image Credit: candy.com

Who doesn’t love candy? Hard candy, gummy candy, sour candy, chocolate candy, caramel candy; the list goes on. There’s literally something for everyone when it comes to candy, so much so that it even gets its own month of the year. June is National Candy Month, and there is much to celebrate about this sweet treat.

Popular culture has been influenced by candy in many different ways. Early candy bar wrappers and advertisements often become collectors items, and many candy brands, such as Hershey’s, have seen their influence grow outside of the candy genre.

Candy was even the inspiration for a popular board game, with Candy Land being one of the best selling board games since it debuted in 1949. I remember playing it as a child and making it almost to the end, only to have the misfortune of drawing the card that sent me back to Plumpy. And who didn’t want to be Queen Frostine or live in Princess Lolly’s kingdom? Candy Land was all luck of the draw, but it was fun and made you hungry at the same time.

Plenty of movies, TV shows, and books have been inspired by candy as well. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is probably the most famous, an adaptation of the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. The 90s horror film Candyman took inspiration for the title, but nothing about the movie shares a connection with any sweet treats. Many TV shows have had episodes focused around candy too, with one of the most famous being The Simpsons episode “Homer Badman,” where Homer steals a gummy candy from a candy show and then has a related misunderstanding with his children’s babysitter.

But most of all, it seems like music has been the most strongly influenced by this sweet treat. Candy serves as a metaphor for love and other related feelings in many songs spanning across decades. Chocolate and lollipops tend to be the most mentioned candies, but there are songs that use all different kinds of candy for sweet metaphors. From old favorites like “The Candy Man” and “Sugar Sugar” to “I Want Candy” and “Candy Girl” there’s a candy-themed song for everyone. This playlist for National Candy Month celebrates some of the best and most iconic songs inspired by everyone’s favorite treat.

What’s your favorite candy or candy-related song? Feel free to share in the comments!

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