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3 Easy Ways to Maintain a Fresh Summer Glow All-Year Long

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Whether you’re as fair as Snow White or blessed with natural golden skin, the truth is that we all have the potential to be a Bronzed Goddess. It’s a classic makeup trend that will not only be forever in style, but one perfect for that on-the-go look that epitomizes some serious fun, flirty, summer appeal.

While faux tans and tanning beds are a viable option for so many, the the truth is they can pose some serious health risks in the long run. And in case you didn’t notice, not all of us are fortunate to get poolside action all-year round. But having such a warm, glowing complexion doesn’t have to be hard to attain and put a dent in our wallet.  With just a few weeks left until autumn starts, don’t  let that fear of a new season hinder your style. By considering a few tips and tricks, you can maintain a natural looking sun-kissed glow, all-year round — the healthy way.


Tried and true, water is a key component to having brighter, more supple and fresh-looking skin, all-year round. While fluids like tea, coffee and juice can keep you energized during those long, hot days, they can’t do the same for your skin. Eight glasses of water can make your skin glow in incredible ways. The University of Missouri-Columbia discovered H2O increases blood flow to the skin, suggesting that because of this increase in blood flow, water aids in toxin removal and colon cleansing, leaving behind fresh skin through absorption of nutrients from the food eaten. Not to mention, drinking plenty of water can improve the texture and color of your skin, leaving it look smooth and radiant, as it allows your body to build and repair new skin cells.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is touted the “age-fighting” vitamin because it does just that. Reducing wrinkles and repairing rough or brown spots, it protects against most UV damage and protects your skin against the signs of aging. Moreover, it promotes healthy skin production.  But it’s not just found in lotions and creams. If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, consider carrots for a bright complexion and sun kissed glow.  With the primary benefits of beta-carotene, found in foods like carrots, converting into the form of Vitamin A for healthy skin, foods rich in carotenoids can alter skin-color, at least according to a study by PLoS One. If you’re wondering where else you can fill up on these goods, look to tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, pumpkin and apricots that are rich in these ingredients and have been shown to improve skin color. 


Some of the best ways to keep a healthy, sunkissed glow is to try out lotions and creams. From toners to moisturizers, to peels, there are natural ways to really brighten up your complexion. Take for example, The Face Shop’s Mild Papaya Peeling. It is an effective and gentle scrub-free exfoliating wash that will make your skin glow after one use. To really amp up your exfoliating game, follow it up with a gradual tan moisturizer such Jergens Natural Glow products. From in-shower primers, to scrubs and mousses, their award-winning daily moisturizer delivers a natural-looking color that has proven to last longer than the leading sunless tanner lotion.

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