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4 Food Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

Image Credit: Steffi Victorioso

Food can be a very trendy thing and we’re not just talking about everyone’s obsession with avocado toast or Mason jar salads. Food trends come in many varieties, from simple things we wish we’d thought of ourselves to things we never would have considered food. But with so many new and interesting things to eat and drink popping up on Instagram looking delicious and going viral, how do you decide what you should absolutely try? Fortunately, we have four suggestions of food trends you absolutely should try before summer ends so bring your appetite and maybe get ready to Instagram your new favorite treat.

Rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream has been popular in Thailand for some time, but it’s only recently made its way to the rest of the world and not only is it a fun-looking treat, it’s delicious ice cream! Rolled ice cream is pretty straightforward. Liquid ice cream is poured on a frozen metal plate where it is spread over the surface with tiny little paddles. Once frozen in an even layer, it’s scraped into rolls and served in a cup. Add your favorite toppings and you have a delicious and unique way to enjoy a classic summer treat. Feeling adventurous? Try a matcha ice cream for a whole new flavor experience or if you’re really daring, just read on to our next food trend to try.

Charcoal ice cream

Another frozen trend, this is one of those things we never really thought of but looks incredibly cool. Ever wanted black ice cream? Well, with charcoal ice cream you can definitely have black ice cream. We don’t know if charcoal ice cream tastes any different from its non-charcoal friends, but it does have a really neat color to it. However, be careful when eating this and make sure you do it in moderation. Charcoal is known for its detox properties and is often used to treat overdoses in hospitals. Side effects are vomiting and constipation and charcoal has been known to interfere with the effectiveness of some medications so if you want black ice cream, stick to one cone.

Cookie dough

We’ve all been eating cookie dough since we were kids, except it always came with a warning that it wasn’t safe because of the eggs. Well, now shops are popping up all over the United States where they sell special, completely safe-to-eat cookie dough. You can even buy it at the store now and it’s not meant to go into the oven. Oh no, edible cookie dough is meant to be eaten in the dough form, no oven required! In a cup, a waffle cone, or even just straight from the package, edible cookie dough lets us all relieve our childhoods, now without the fear of food poisoning. And the best part? You can get cookie dough in almost any flavor you can imagine, from sweet to savory and back again.


Do you like wine, but need something a little colder on a hot summer day? Well, now you can have your rose and freeze it to. Frozen rose, also called Frosé has been a huge trend this summer and the drink has been popping up all over the place. In fact, rose in general is so trendy online that photos of the wine on Instagram have boosted the sales of rose by 60 percent according to Nielsen. So, move over, Unicorn Frappuccino. We’re getting or drink on with a delicious Frosé.

Do you have a food trend you think we should try? Let us know in the comments!

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