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3 Reasons to Add Sheet Masks to Your Skincare

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Sheet masks, another great Korean skincare innovation, have been taking over skincare around the world for the past year or so, but this skincare trend isn’t just a passing fad. Sheet masks are amazing! Drenched in serums geared toward specific skincare needs, these masks are single use, virtually mess free and make it easy to treat a variety of issues in one handy step so it’s no surprise that they are one of the hottest skincare products in stores right now.

But other than being new and cool, why should you try a sheet mask instead of just sticking with masks that come in tubes or jars? Well, we have three reasons why you want to get in on this skincare innovation ASAP and trust us, your skin will thank you.

Sheet masks are very convenient

All masks are awesome because of the benefits they give the skin, but traditional paste, charcoal or gel masks require a little bit of effort. You need to have water handy, putting them on can get product all over your hands and while you can toss a tube of your favorite charcoal mask in your bag, bottles tend to take up space and if you’re traveling, space is a premium. Sheet masks, however, are the flip flops of skincare. They are sleek, require almost no effort and are comfortable. When using a sheet mask all you need to do is open the package, put the mask on your face and relax. You do not even have to rinse when your time is up. In fact, you shouldn’t rinse. Massage what’s left of that nutrition-packed serum into your skin and you’re done! Easy as can be.

Affordable variety

Most people don’t just have one skincare concern. Most of us have multiple things going on at any one time, be it dryness and a breakout or a concern about wrinkles and a lack of radiance. When buying traditional masks to combat the myriad of problems, you’re usually buying full packages and that cost can add up fast. With sheet masks, however, you can pick up a variety of individual masks for a fraction of the cost (usually between $3 and $10) to custom create a mask regimen that works for your skin and its special needs. You aren’t stuck with product that doesn’t work or that you simply don’t need. And the value goes beyond just buying what you need. Because sheet masks are individually packaged you don’t have to worry about the mask drying out or going bad before you can use the whole container. Nothing’s prettier than saving money.

They’re effective

Perhaps the best thing about sheet masks is that they actually work. Sheet masks are literally soaked in serums and nutrients which allows the skin to get super concentrated doses of product that will soak deeply into the skin. This allows the products to work better and faster, leaving you with happier and healthier skin that has noticeable results. However, it’s important to remember to follow the instructions and guidelines on your mask’s package. You want to make sure that you’re not exceeding the time suggested for the product to be on your skin because while getting just the right amount of treatment is awesome, getting too much can actually cause problems. It’s also important to remember that sheet masks are just meant to be a part of your regular routine so don’t skip your moisturizer just because your new skincare BFF is a hydration mask.

Do you use sheet masks? What is your favorite thing about them? Let us know in the comments!

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