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6 Kid-Friendly and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Back-to-School

There is no denying that children are tough critics and extremely hard to please, especially when it comes to packing them a healthy lunch for school.

As pretty fussy eaters, they don’t make our job any easier when it comes to getting them to eat healthy. You could make a great dinner with every nutritional ingredient on the planet, but the truth is they won’t eat it.

But while it can be worrisome in wondering what they eat or don’t eat during the day, making a nutritious lunch doesn’t have to be hard. The only thing it needs to be is 100 percent creative and packed with flavor!

Until their taste buds mature, ease your mind by sending them off every morning with a meal they can really indulge in during the lunch hour and make their back-to-school experience all the more colorful!

{Image Credit: Hip Foodie Mom}

Baked Veggie Taquitos {via hip foodie mom}

If your child is bored of sandwiches, give them the next best thing! These are adorable and delicious taquitos are versatile and can be mixed up with whatever ingredients you like. With an easy mix that’s best prepared the night before, these whole-wheat tortillas filled with roasted butternut squash, Swiss chard and Monterey jack cheese are low in calories, packed with fiber and high in vitamin A and C. Plus, they will have the kids wanting more as they develop a taste for the finer, more healthy choices in life.

Pizza Pinwheels {via tablespoon}

No child will deny pizza and this take on the beloved fan fare will be a lovable staple in their lunchbox. Since pizza is a necessity in almost every child’s life, give them their favorite meal at lunchtime with this easy recipe made from their favorite toppings in a tender crescent patty. Not only is it easy to make, but it can be a fun parent-child activity with the two of you preparing lunch the night before together.

Sushi Sandwiches {via taste.com.au}

Okay, so sushi might not be something kids below the age of 13 actually enjoy, but this is a very refreshing, light take on the adult favorite. Though it takes 30 minutes to prep, this imaginative sandwich idea boasts endless opportunities for ingredients and is incredibly easy to make — especially during that meal prep a day before with your kids. Moreover, with credit to its appearance and flavors, it disappears quickly too. Trust us!

Chicken Noodle Soup {via love grows wild}

Summer is ending and in case you didn’t notice, with that comes the more chillier seasons. While cold sandwiches can be a quick staple, arm your kids for the day with a hearty, warm lunch. With the help of pre-cooked chicken and a trusty thermos, this comforting dish is chock full of herbs, veggies and noodles that will be their new favorite. Not to mention, it will keep them full for hours and it’s healthy too, giving them enough room for the dinner you’ve been working on. Best of all, it can be easily paired with crackers, bread and some fiber-filled fruit for dessert.

{Image Credit: Baby Foode}

Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese {via baby foode}

Macaroni and cheese is one meal you can definitely experiment with when it comes to kids. From loading it with veggies and substituting it with some of the most nutritious ingredients, kids will never know the difference. Especially with this recipe. With the season cooling down, butternut squash is the autumn favorite and this dish integrates the beloved legume in something you and your whole family will enjoy. Loaded with vitamin A, fiber, folate, lutein and calcium, you’ll be amazed when your kid requests seconds.

Jumbo Burger Cups {via pillsbury}

If your child is missing that outdoor, summer staple of burgers and fries, treat them to the next best thing with burger cups that are reminiscent of muffins. Packed with a protein-based filling of your choice, it’s a recipe you can definitely play around with. Made of biscuit pastry, the dinnertime classic will be an easy to eat favorite among children. With just 12 ingredients, your kid will love the ease of this meal and its endless varieties.

What are some of your favorite back-to-school recipes? Share with us in the comments below.

Featured image: iStock

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