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7 Must-Have Essentials for Your Home’s Medicine Cabinet

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While cluttered drawers and closets often induce silent screams of aversion, medicine cabinets are something we simply cannot avoid, even if we try. At some point or another, we find ourselves rummaging through the bathroom cabinet for supplies to aid our abrupt ailments.

Whether it’s a zit that springs up before a big date or even a burn during your latest attempt at a French dinner, it’s always best to be armed with the essentials for the day something springs up that you are not a fan of.  Assuming every cabinet usually contains bandages, allergy medication and pain relievers, this season, transform your medicine cabinet into a wondrous realm of vital items bound to come to the rescue when you need a quick fix.

Ground Flaxseed

While it is known that flaxseed can increase your omega-3s, it is also an effective remedy for unsettled tummies after a night of adventurous dining, which means you can eat all the spicy cuisine you desire. High in both soluble and insoluble fiber, flaxseed is great for managing constipation and diarrhea without the addition of bloating or gas. Moreover, it’s easy to add into any beverage and food, but make sure to drink plenty of water to help the flax digest.

Burn Spray

Whether you’ve battled a new meal on the stove or a hot curling iron, all burns need our attention. For minor grumbles, keep a burn spray like Fat and the Moon’s Bite & Burn Spray on hand. Formulated in California with organic ingredients like Yarrow Hydrosol and lavender and tea tree oil, this spray soothes skin as it relieves pain and inflammation. Best of all, it is perfect for bug bites that just will not stop itching.

Stretch Mark Cream

It is no secret that a large quantity of Americans experience stretch marks, but it’s evident those common lines gain a lot of unnecessary attention — especially during the warmer seasons. That said, never fear! Because there are effective ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring to help you prepare for swimsuit season. Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream deserves a special spot on your shelf thanks to its targeted absorption technique. Combining guaraná, cupuaçu butter and coconut oil, it is a pleasantly scented cream that locks in moisture and restores skin’s natural elasticity.

Anti-Itch Gel

If you didn’t notice that anthill building its empire by your lawn chair or realize you walked through poison ivy on that camping date, your first instinct is probably to look to calamine lotion to relieve skin irritation. But if you are not a fan of that pink residue that gets on all your clothes, turn to CalaGel Medicated Anti-Itch Gel instead. It’s clear, it stays put and it even comes with antiseptic gel in case the culprit is poison oak or ivy oils.

Blister Relief

Between a night in our favorite heels to a day trip in those sandals, blisters can pack a pretty mean punch when it comes to our daily doings. But with summer ending and fall on the horizon, your medicine cabinet definitely needs an arsenal to protect your feet from such mishaps. Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief Strips can provide relief by acting like a second layer of skin with its soothing protective qualities over damaged areas. Plus, they’re customizable and stay in place, making your favorite but painful shoes a reality.

Topical Pain Reliever

Summer is ending and with that comes a lot of packing, cleaning out our closets and pruning our gardens for fall and winter. But taking on activities that are bodies are not used to can take a toll on us, and result in stiff or pulled muscles. A muscle relaxant cream like J.R. Watkins’ Deep Muscle Cooling Gel naturally cools and soothes muscle aches and pain with menthol by stimulating nerve endings. And with a simple squeeze dispenser, you’ll relieve those aches and pains quickly.

Witch Hazel

It might sound like an ingredient ideal for casting a spell, but it’s actually much more serene than that. When it comes to your skin, witch hazel is not too far from a magical potion. Not only does it help soothe skin after waxing, but it also stops shaving nicks from bleeding and dries out those annoying pimples. The only downside to this natural astringent is that it can be incredibly drying if it contains a large amount of alcohol, so look for something with less than five percent — like Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, which is hypoallergenic and cools skin.

What are some of the items you keep in your medicine cabinet? Let us know in the comments below.

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