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9 Fun-Filled Activities Your Fall To-Do List Must Have

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Fall is finally upon us! Synonymous with falling leaves, crisp air, pumpkins, football games, sweater weather, and of course the famed, Pumpkin Spice Latte being back at Starbucks and seeing some heavy competition from another seasonal drink soon to take over our tastebuds, the Maple Pecan Latte  — there’s no denying this is a season just as fun-filled as its predecessors.

Summer, schmummer — fall is a season full of boundless beauties thanks to the bright colors and weather that lets you enjoy nature at its finest. But since we don’t want you to miss out on all the excitement the season has to offer, we’ve got some fresh and essential ideas for your fall to-do list.

Patches and picking

To reap the freshness of the season, head out to a pumpkin patch or grab a woven horned basket and fill it with autumn produce like berries, corn or apples. Not only does this encourage baking and cooking ideas perfect for the upcoming holidays, but it’s also a fun activity to do with the kids or for a romantic evening out by strolling fields with your significant other.

Bake a pie

Whether it’s pumpkins and apples, or even nuts and dried fruits, once you get all that produce from patches or even a farmer’s market — bake a pie! Autumn is seriously all about baking and experimenting with flavors of the season. Seen as an essential holiday staple, there’s no better time than now to perfect that treat for your Thanksgiving and Christmas feast.

Nature hike to see foliage

Fall is not only a fun season, but it’s an incredibly beautiful one filled with an abundance of color. With the temperatures a bit cooler, head out on trails in and around your area that are perfect for taking in that gorgeous foliage and treat it as a hiking opportunity. Grab a few snacks, your best sneakers and hike spots that offer fresh air and a splendid array of oranges, reds and yellows. It might even make for some beautiful photography.

Stock up on sweaters

We absolutely love sweater weather and are obsessing over cozy this season. From cashmere wraps to fuzzy turtlenecks, autumn is the ideal time to stock up on some gorgeous sweaters. For years, oversized sweaters were a fashion faux pas, but they have become a fabulous trend that not only can be stylish but incredibly comfy for when those evenings are a bit nippy. Plus, they’re super sexy and can be paired up with chic scarves and look fantastic with over the knee boots.

See a football game

Football is a huge part of the season! With football season in swing, you might be staying in with all the desserts you’ve prepared, but there’s nothing like heading out to a real game. Whether it’s college or pro, sitting in the stands at a live game and watching the excitement with friends, family or even a partner can be an enjoyable way to start the season.

Have a fall photo shoot

With all the beautiful colors around you, autumn is the perfect time to have a photo shoot. Sure, it might be a bit colder than usual to hold a pose with your family or partner, but the scenery is reason enough to make the most of the season’s splendors and cherish memories for years to come. All the foliage and fallen leaves is also the perfect setting for those holiday or announcement cards.

Go on a hayride

It might seem a bit old-fashioned, but you’re never too old for a hayride. Offered at a variety of farms and orchards, hayrides are not only an amusing way for your kids to go fruit and veggie picking with you and taste test cider, but it can also be pretty romantic for you and your partner just sitting together and talking.

Bonfires and s’mores

Autumn might mean the end of summer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with bonfires at the beach, the lake or even your backyard. Of course, with bonfires come the delicious after-dark dessert treat — s’mores! Not only are these gooey treats the perfect excuse to cozy up close with your love, but they’re just pretty darn tasty because chocolate and marshmallows — hello? Need we say more?

Check out a fall festival or county fair

Between autumn festivals and county fairs, there’s a lot to check out during the fall that will keep the fun going for you and your family. With arts, crafts, music and of course food, festivals and fairs offer a ton of delight for those still reeling from realization that summer is over.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the fall season? Let us know in the comments below.

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