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10 Ways to Have the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams

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Spring and summer weddings have been the norm for as long as we can remember, but winter nuptials are fast becoming a popular trend. Giving couples gorgeous, snow-filled portraits of fairytale-like memories and snow globe charm, winter is a truly enchanting time of year to tie the knot. Of the average 2.4 million weddings performed each year in the U.S., 13 percent account for winter “I do’s” from November to March. Seems odd, right? Especially since it’s snowy and cold, with countless “treasures” hiding in snow left from pets — major yuck! But take a deep breath of that frosty fresh air because we promise there are ways to make a winter wedding work for you.

With more couples getting married in the colder months to manage costs and have picturesque memories, we have “cool” tips to consider for planning a beautiful wintry wedding.

Consider the weather

Many brides obsessively check the weather leading up to their aisle strut, but winter bride and grooms need to kick it up a notch by referring to almanacs and researching weather patterns. Obviously, there is no telling when freak snow squalls will occur, but it’ll give you peace of mind when planning around a climate model. Word to the wise: wedding insurance from vendors is a smart investment should you cancel or postpone due to a blizzard.

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Find a comfortable venue

Since winter isn’t ideal for weddings, your first choice of vendors gives you the best deal for less. Total win-win! However, when deciding upon a location, think of accessibility and the comfort for guests. For most climates, it’s easier to have the ceremony and reception in one venue as opposed to miles apart.

Pick out seasonal flowers

Sure, your choice of flowers might be limited during winter, but it’s not impossible to create beautiful arrangements with what’s in season. Capture the pristine beauty of winter through dramatic whites and rich reds, or a combination of both — opt for winter favorites like anthurium, poinsettia, and roses, then mix them with twigs, spruce branches or seeded eucalyptus for bouquet stems.

Set the tone

There’s no set rule that winter weddings have to be themed around the holidays, but it definitely brings allure. By inserting winter basics into your big day through woodland niceties, snowflakes, or dreamy holiday lights, you’ll add memorable charm to the affair. From tablescapes adorned with frosted pine cones and winterberry bouquets to ‘icicle’ centerpieces and fir foliage on seats — the decorative possibilities are limitless.

Focus on lighting

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Winter means the days get shorter and darker, so consider the mood you want to produce with lighting. It not only has an impact on photographs, but the ambiance you’re trying to create for the reception. Low lighting like fairy lights or candles not only adds a touch of sparkle, but also makes for an incredibly romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Keep it cozy

We all love cozy sweaters, but adding one to your wedding dress might not be the most fashionable option. Instead, think stylish capes, fur stoles, boleros, or shawls for you and your bridesmaids. Moreover, take into account the comfort and warmth of your guests. Consider a chic blanket basket if the ceremony takes place outside and have catering hand out warm drinks.

Add liveliness

With the neutrality of the winter vibe, you can get away with a wide variety of shades to complement your big day. From pastels to bold and rustic to glitzy — experiment with colors to create a memorable presence. Depending on your theme, try incorporating colors with winter foliage to make seasonal elements stand out with inimitable appeal.

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Consider practical favors for guests

With a monogram or engraving signifying the big day, couples can gift friends and family memorable winter-themed favors. From winter gloves to pine cone fire starters, artisan hot chocolate jars to milled cider bottles, peppermint bark, or even snow globes featuring the bride and groom inside — there’s no limit to creative favors guests will want to keep for years to come.

Create a menu of festive food

Food is an important part of any wedding, so you definitely want to rely on what you prefer more than what the season calls for. Though, it may be wise to combine favorites with seasonal dishes like turkey, pumpkin or cranberry that can help represent winter. Work with your caterer to plan menus that can be both heartening and seasonal.

Stock up on warm drinks

Since it will be nippy, look into warm alcoholic drinks or a rich hot chocolate station, complete with marshmallows, rock candy sticks, and maybe a shot of alcohol for your guests. Personalizing those shot glasses or mugs would make for great wedding favors too!

What are some tips you have for creating the winter wedding of your dreams? Share with us in the comments below.

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