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Holiday Reading Roundup

On behalf of our staff at The Hudsucker, we wish you and your families the very best this season as you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones! May your winter sparkle with love and deliver an abundance of happiness and good cheer your way, and shine with moments of love, laughter and goodwill!

If you’re staying in today, grab a hot cocoa and catch up on some holiday reading, care of our writers. Here are some of our festive favorites!

Family & Life

10 Ways to Have the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams: 
Spring and summer weddings have been the norm for as long as we can remember, but winter nuptials are fast becoming a popular trend. Giving couples gorgeous, snow-filled portraits of fairytale-like memories and snow globe charm… {Continue reading…}

7 Easy Tips for Celebrating Baby’s First Christmas:
While it might seem a little like last year with the same old Starbucks lattes and that sparkly décor lining your home, there’s one true thing that promises to make this year your most special yet: your baby. {Continue reading…}

The Importance of Setting Realistic Resolutions for the New Year:
As we move into 2017, it is only natural to spend time thinking about what resolutions you are going to try and set. Similarly, you may find yourself thinking about the things that you wanted to accomplish in 2016 that perhaps fell by the wayside. {Continue reading…}


10 Festive Holiday Towns Across the US You Have to Visit:
It is officially December and that means there are 25 glorious days till Christmas! With the month alluding to snow and festive goodness, there is nothing more charming than traveling and setting your sights on some of the best festive towns. {Continue reading…}

Travel Guide: Christmas in New York:
The holiday season transforms some places into magical winter wonderlands. One of those places is the city of New York. We’ve all seen it in movies — snow falling on Central Park, the glow of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center… {Continue reading..}

The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in the US to Check out This Season:
Whether you’re looking for the best holiday town or just some creative inspiration this twinkling season, cities across the United States are lighting up with beautiful displays of Christmas trees to best showcase the yuletide spirit. {Continue reading…}


The Best Christmas Albums of 2017: 
Now that the turkey has been gobbled down and the Black Friday shopping frenzy has calmed down, the countdown to the days leading up to Christmas officially begins! As you start to get into the holiday spirit by decorating your home… {Continue reading…}

The Hudsucker’s Favorite Holiday Songs:
With the holidays upon us, Christmas music is truly inescapable! Whether we’re wrapping gifts or baking up a sugar cookie storm, classic yuletide anthems are the perfect addition to our festive callings, balancing timelessness and nostalgia. {Continue reading…}

The Hudsucker’s Favorite Christmas Albums:
We can all agree that one of the best things about the holiday season is listening to all the Christmas music. While so many of the classics we have come to love over the years have been recorded a million times by artists new and old… {Continue reading…}

The Hudsucker’s Quintessential Holiday Playlist:
Between all that tree trimming and holiday baking, there’s a well-loved and appreciated universality to yuletide music that transcends Christmas. {Continue reading…}

Movies & Television:

8 Holiday Movies to Get You in the Festive Spirit:
Between the last-minute gift shopping, tree trimming and holiday baking, many of us will delight in the time we spend on the couch with family and friends watching holiday movies. Grab the hot chocolate and sugar cookies as we share our top picks for the holiday… {Continue reading…}

9 Must-See Movies for Christmas 2017
After the topsy-turvy year the world has experienced in 2017, we all deserve a few moments to unwind — preferably for two hours with a great film (and a bag of popcorn) to digest. From musical affairs to socially-relevant dramas, this holiday season’s motion picture releases offer… {Continue reading…}

Image Credit: Tania Hussain

How Life Is So ‘Wonderful’ According to Capra:
Throughout the years there have been many films that have created quite an impact but none can really compare to Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life. The film isn’t really just a film. It’s more of a study in hardship, frustration, and shattered dreams… {Continue reading…}

Christmas Movies Banner12 of Our Favorite Holiday Movies:
Spend these chilly winter nights basking in the warm glow of your television set with friends and family. Our staff shares a few of their favorite holiday movies that you are bound to enjoy this festive season. {Continue reading…}

Top 10 Best ’90s Sitcom Episodes:
Holiday episodes of our favorite TV shows are the perfect way to get just about anyone in the mood for the season. Nowadays, shows are making episodes about Hanukkah and other winter holidays along with Christmas… {Continue reading…}

6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’:
So many movies have been released over the years specifically for the Christmas season, but no film has created quite the impact on our culture than Frank Capra’s 1946 classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. {Continue reading…}


Re-Gifting With The Girls With Glasses:
Whether it be a birthday present, something from that aunt who won’t stop treating you like a piece of taffy and tearing at your cheeks, or from your Secret Santa at work, we’ve all re-gifted. {Continue reading…}


Christmas Tree - Nighttime Featured

Christmas Through Our Eyes:
December is one of the most loved months from the year as Christmas arrives with all the joys of the season. Our writers share how they see the holiday in a piece celebrating festive photography. {Continue reading…}


8 Deliciously, Decadent No-Bake Chocolate Treats for Christmas:
With Christmas just days away and the season full of delicious eats, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! But while the festive days bring about joyous times with family and good food, we can’t help but think about one thing… {Continue reading…}

12 Non-Traditional Hot Chocolate Recipes You Need to Try Now:
While it’s wonderful to spend time with family or decorate the tree with snow outside your window, cozying up in bed with festive films and a steaming mug of hot chocolate makes the holidays even better. {Continue reading…}

12 Easy, Mouthwatering No-Bake Treats for Santa and Friends:
Christmas is right around the corner and it’s pretty clear that our yuletide-inspired spirits are reaching new heights this season. Between all that shopping, festive home décor, and music that just speaks so deep to our soul… {Continue reading…}

The Very Best Starbucks Holiday Menu Drinks Ranked:
If you’re a coffee fiend and fan of Starbucks, you would know that the Seattle-based company is always adding new drinks to their holiday menu. Renowned for concocting the most festive and Instagram-worthy drinks, year in and year out… {Continue reading…}

best holiday cookies6 Holiday Cookie Recipes You Must Try:
If you’re one that starts the holiday baking the minute Thanksgiving is over or only prepare treats for Christmas Day, there are so many holiday cookies to choose from. Our writer shares some of her favorites. {Continue reading…}

4 Holiday Foods That Should Go Away:
One of the best things about the holiday season is all the delicious, seasonal foods items that people prepare and that are found in stores. However, there are always those few foods that have become mandatory holiday staples that you just can’t stand. {Continue reading…}

5 Recipes for Using up Leftover Candy Canes:
Tis the season for candies and sweets, and one of the most prominent this time of year is candy canes. Though peppermint is the traditional flavor, these days candy canes come in almost every flavor imaginable. But what about leftover candy canes? {Continue reading…}

7 Extravagant Holiday Desserts to Try This Season:
Holidays are the time of year to take extra time to do things we might not get a chance to do during the busy year. This could be spending extra time with family, with friends, or spending a little extra time in the kitchen making things you wouldn’t the rest of the year. {Continue reading…}


The Best Beauty Vloggers to Glam up Your Holidays:
With the holidays here, we might find ourselves short on time for that beauty makeover at the salon or department store. This is why technology has become a convenient haven for the on-the-go girl! {Continue reading…}

The Team:

Image Credit: Getty Images/Andrejs ZemdegaA Very Hudsucker Christmas:
The meaning of Christmas is something different for everyone. In a piece from 2012, our writers share what Christmas means to them through their own experiences, while sharing their favorite memories with readers and wishes for the holiday season. {Continue reading…}

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Happy holidays! 

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