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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 8 ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ Part 1

Image credit: The CW

Welcome back! This week’s episode of Supergirl isn’t really an episode of Supergirl. Instead, it’s the first part of a four-part crossover event that will span the entire Arrowverse, including Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. As we have done for past crossovers, we will be recapping each hour of the event.

However, unlike previous years, “Crisis on Earth-X” is set to run as a 4-hour movie with the first half airing last night and the second half airing tonight. As such, be sure to read the second recap we’re doing today for the Arrow hour of the crossover because, trust me, you do not want to miss it. Spoilers from here on!

We begin on a dark and twisted version of Earth, this one with Nazi propaganda and swastikas hanging from skyscraper and adorning uniforms. At a warehouse, a dark archer — let’s call him Dark Arrow — takes out guards before being confronted by a hero. It’s Earth-X’s Guardian/Jimmy Olsen! He puts up a brave fight with an American flag-adorned shield, but it’s not enough. Dark Arrow murders Guardian-X, declaring the flag to be nothing more than a bullseye.

On Earth-1 wedding prep is in full effect. Barry is fighting King Shark (how he got out of ARGUS is beyond me) and Iris calls to tell him that they are missing RSVPs. Who are they missing? Felicity and Oliver (he’s fighting ninjas, but they RSVP yes,) the Legends (who are in 1183 England, but also will be there,) and Supergirl. Supergirl, who is fighting a Dominator in a fun nod to last year’s crossover, isn’t sure about being at the wedding. The whole Mon-El not being dead but being married thing has soured her on weddings, but ultimately she decides to go and takes Alex as her plus one.

Wedding prep fun time! Iris, Caitlin, Felicity, and Kara get their nails done. That doesn’t work out so well for Kara, but Iris asks Felicity if she thinks that Oliver will propose to her. Felicity doesn’t seem to think it’s coming, meanwhile Barry is getting his tux fitted with Oliver. Barry asks the same question of Oliver and tells his former mentor he needs to just “put a ring” on it. At STAR Labs, Jax and Stein get good news from Cisco and Wells. They’ve come up with a Firestorm cure using the same tech that they used to get Barry out of the Speed Force and while Stein is excited, Jax is not. Later, Caitlin and Stein breifly talk about Ronnie before Caitlin heads off to the rehearsal dinner with Stein lagging behind.

At Jitteres (yes, the rehearsal dinner is at Jitters) Alex and Sara start drinking together. Barry asks Kara about Mon-El which is awkward and then Barry asks Kara to sing at the wedding. Stein shows up a tiny bit late and pulls Jax aside to tell him that he has created a virus that will give Jax superpowers after Cisco’s serum splits them apart. He thinks this will make Jax happy (and gives fans a great Spider-Man reference) but Jax isn’t happy. Joe then gives his very emotional and moving toast, saying Barry and Iris taught him how to love again. Alex and Sara are making out and then Oliver awkwardly tries to propose to Felicity but she tells him no. SHe does not want to marry him. Huh?

Next day. Wedding time! Everyone wakes up, some happy like Barry, some frustrated like Oliver and Felicity, some confused…like Alex, who wakes up in bed with Sara. At the wedding Kara finds out Alex is hungover and hooked with with Sara, who is also hungover. Barry is approached by a waitress who is so excited about the wedding and also seems oddly like Barry himself (my best guess? She’s his future daughter, Dawn Allen.) But no time to puzzle it out! It’s wedding time! Kara sings beautifully, Joe walks Iris down the aisle and the priest says kind words before asking if anyone opposes the marriage. This is never a good question and sure enough, the priest is vaporized by Nazi Supergirl — let’s call her Overgirl –who has shown up with a whole Nazi army and Dark Arrow to boot.

A battle breaks out. The heroes evacuate the church while Kara takes on Overgirl, Sara and Alex go after Prometheus-X, Caitling gets all Killer Frost and works with Mick to take down Nazis while Oliver goes after Dark Arrow. Cisco is knocked out and Kara manages to knock Overgirl out which prompts Dark Arrow to call for a retreat. With the Nazis stopped for now, the heroes head back to STAR Labs. Cisco is going to be out for awhile, Prometheus-X is in their custody and we find out that there aren’t 52 Earths. There are 53. Earth-X is a world identical to Earth-1 except the Nazis won World War II, nuked New York City, and now is such a horrible place that no one in the multiverse wants to ever go or think about it.

The Earth-X villains are joined on a rooftop by Reverse Flash who yells at them for failing. At STAR, Oliver decides they need to talk to Prometheus-X.

That’s it for the first hour of the crossover! Check out our recap for the so-called Arrow hour to find out what happens next!

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