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DC Crossover Week: ‘Arrow’ – Episode 8, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ Part 2

Image credit: The CW

Welcome! As previously mentioned on this week’s Supergirl recap, this year’s Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” isn’t episodic like last year’s “Invasion!” but is, instead, a four-hour movie split in half.

Last night, the show Arrow moved after Supergirl to broadcast the crossover’s second hour and during the broadcast there was no break between shows. We pick up right after the events of the Supergirl hour so, as before, spoilers from here on!

As Oliver suggested, the group goes to speak with Prometheus-X who takes off his mask and reveals himself to be the Earth-X version of Oliver’s deceased best friend, Tommy Merlyn. Oliver asks for a moment alone with him. Tommy-X explains that Oliver-X is also his best friend and that he was born into the Reich and had no choice. He claims his family would be murdered if he deserted and Oliver vows to protect Tommy-X and his family. Tommy-X then mocks Oliver for being weak and says the Nazis will destroy them all, then commits suicide by biting down on a cyanide capsule.

The Earth-X villains become aware Tommy-X has died. Dark Arrow demands that Reverse Flash go find a prism they need. There’s a fight as Reverse Flash is a jerk per the usual, but they eventually calm down to continue the mission.

At STAR Labs, Felicity calls Curtis and has him try to help find the Nazis. Oliver apprroaches and wants to talk about the botched proposal and she maintains that she does not want to marry him, but that she loves him. Just not enough to marry him, aparently. Jax, Caitlin, and Harry look for ways to stop the Nazis, but Stein interrupts to talk to Jax. Jax then confesses that what’s bothering him is that Stein has become like a father to him and he doesn’t want to lose him.

Alex and Sara encounter one another and it’s so awkward. Kara tries to convince Alex that it was okay she had a one-night-stand. Felicity and Iris also have some awkward time talking about marriage with Felicity revealing that the last time they were engaged things went badly but before they can chat more, an alarm goes off. The Nazis are at Dayton Opticals.

Supergirl, The Flash and Green Arrow go to Dayton to catch the Nazis (and Green Arrow has the best line reminding them that he doesn’t have super speed) but are greeted by Overgirl, Dark Arrow, and Reverse Flash. The evil guys reveal themselves as doppelgangers, though for The Flash the reveal that Reverse Flash exists still — the real Reverse Flash — is unsettling. However, it’s fight time and while Green Arrow gets the upper hand on Overgirl with a kryptonite arrow. Overgirl damages a skyscraper under construction. The heroes go to save the innocent while the bad guys get away. With the prism.

At the lab, the science types explain that the prism could be used to make a neutron bomb which is bad. Felicity and Caitlin try to use the blood on the arrow to track Overgirl and they discover that something funky is going on with said blood, but the tracking works. The bad guys are in a warehouse in Danville. The heroes suit up and head out while Felicity and Iris stay behind along with Caitlin and Mick, who is looking for mustard for his sandwich. Also, things are really unresolved with Oliver and Felicity when he leaves.

At the warehouse, it’s fight time again. But while the heroes are fighting Nazis, Dark Arrow shows up at STAR Labs. Harry runs into him and manages to escape long enough to hit an alarm. Iris and Felicity hide while Mick and Caitlin as Killer Frost plan to take down Dark Arrow. This is where we cut to the chase a bit because while the fight scenes are epic, they are hard to describe excep for this: the Earth-X bad guys are no joke. Dark Arrow disables both Mick and Killer Frost and makes quick work of Team Arrow who just showed up as well. At the warehouse, Metallo-X shows up and takes down the heroes. Things are not going well at all.

The heroes end up chained up wearing power-dampening collars where it’s revealed that Overgirl — who, by the way, is married to Dark Arrow — needs a heart transplant because she’s had too much solar radiation. Supergirl is the lucky donor and that prism They’re going to use it to replicate a red sun, weaken Kara and steal her heart. Everyone else is just leverage. At STAR, Iris and Felicity witness Nazis locking up Team Arrow.

And as the episode closes out, the heroes wake up on Earth-X. Kara is missing and as for them? They’re in a concentration camp.

Things do not look good. Not good at all. But how will it all work out? Find out tomorrow as we recap tonight’s two hour finale for “Crisis on Earth-X.”

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