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The Hottest Lipstick Trend for 2018

Image Credit: Lipstick Queen

With a new year comes new fads, and one of the quickly rising trends in makeup for 2018 is actually less about the year ahead and more about the soon-to-be new member of the British Royal Family.

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their long anticipated engagement in November, the eyes of the world have been on the American actress and her royal beau. But the appeal of Markle is not just because she’s marrying into the Royal Family. While that might be enough to draw attention to the 36-year-old, it’s Markle’s low-key, yet sophisticated sense of style that has the attention of millions.

And as it was when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton almost seven years ago, people are now clamoring to emulate Markle’s style.

While not everyone can dress like Markle, both for budget and body-type reasons, everyone can adopt her signature nude lipstick. That’s right, folks — lipstick shades of taupe, caramel and pinky-peach beige tones are going to be the hot lipstick trend this year. And unlike bolder reds and pinks, the nude tones are a lot easier to wear.

But how do you choose your perfect nude? It’s actually surprisingly simple.

To achieve the perfect nude lipstick, simply try to match a lipstick to the color of your natural, makeup free lips. By finding a “your lips, only prettier” type of shade, you will have not only the perfect color match, but will capture the very spirit of Markle’s effortless look. Moreover, by finding your perfect basic nude, you’ll also have a color that can serve as a sort of base for any bolder color you want to wear.

If you find a pink you really love, but it’s just a touch too bright to wear to the office, add your perfect nude. You’ll retain the pop of color, but that nude will tone it down just enough that you won’t feel like you’re heading to a party instead of a meeting.

And it’s not just versatility that makes a perfect nude your best friend. Nude colors tend to not show wear quite as obviously as bold colors. That means you may have to touch up less than you would with a brighter color, saving time and product over time. Of course, the nude trend isn’t just for lipstick fans. Nude toned lip glosses will also fit the bill, and for those who are fans of both Markle and Middleton, there’s even a perfect option.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics makes a perfect nude lip gloss, bringing together Markle’s style with one of Middleton’s favorite brands.

Will you try the royal nude lipstick trend? Let us know in the comments!

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One Comment on “The Hottest Lipstick Trend for 2018”

  1. Charliestar January 4, 2018 at 4:42 pm #

    I think this prediction is spot on! She will be a trend setter for sure, particularly with their wedding style which I’m so excited to see <3 xoxo

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