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Skittles Introduces Special Valentine’s Day Candy

Image Credit: Target

Valentine’s Day may be just a little over a month away, but now is the time when love-themed treats are starting to pop up in stores. And this year, those treats include new flavors of Skittles.

That’s right, the candy whose slogan is “taste the rainbow” has come out with five new flavors of candy in their special, Valentine’s Day-themed Love Mix.

Done up in a festive pink bag, the candies come in shades of red, pink and white and put together some delicious flavors that are sure to make any Skittles fan happy. The flavors in Skittles’ Love Mix are watermelon, white grape, yumberry (which is a real fruit in Asia known as the red bayberry,) strawberry and cherry.

The Skittles Love Mix is a Target exclusive for the Valentine’s Day holiday and joins the retailer’s other exclusive offerings such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Love Bugs, Hershey’s Cupcake Kisses, and Dove Milk Chocolate & Caramel Love Note. But unlike Target’s chocolate candies of love, Skittles Love Mix offers a flavor that might go over better with sweetheart’s who prefer a nice drink rather than chocolate.

We can confirm — thanks to our own happy trip to Target — that the white grape flavor in the Love Mix pleasantly tastes a lot like a sweet red wine. The cherry flavor is equally as delicious. The only slightly questionable flavor choice in Love Mix is watermelon. It comes on a little strong and seems a little out of place, but quickly fades into a cherry-like flavor of its own.

And the Skittles Love Mix isn’t just for eating straight out of the bag. These pink and white candies are perfect for homemade Valentine treats too. Want to try something a little outside of the usual chocolate or red velvet cupcakes for your Valentine’s Day party? Why not try a vanilla or fruit-flavored cake with white frosting, using the Skittles Love Mix candies as not only cute decoration but a sweet, unexpected treat?

Skittles Love Mix is available now at Target stores, retailing for $2.69 per 11-ounce bag.

What is your favorite Valentine’s candy? Let us know in the comments below!

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