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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 10 ‘Legion of Super Heroes’

Image Credit: The CW

Supergirl came back from from winter hiatus last night and she didn’t come back alone. The Legion of Super-Heroes made their big in-costume debut. Miss the episode? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, but be warned there are spoilers beyond this point.

We start with Kara waking up to a knock at the door. On the other side of that door? Brainiac 5. Mon-El sent him. You see, Kara is in a coma following her fight with Reign and Brainy is able to get into Kara’s head to check on her. Now that she know she’s in a coma, Kara tries to wake up to go fight again, but can’t. Outside her mind, Brainy tells everyone at the DEO that Kara’s mind is okay, but she’s angry.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ruby have a Nerf gun fight that results in Sam knocking over a picture frame, then Sam notices a news item about the Reign/Supergirl fight. Ruby says she is making dinner and somehow Sam is managing her normal life while being Reign. Later, not quite sure how much so, Reign goes to her own crazy fortress and is told that it’s time for the awakening.

At CatCo, James and Lena try to talk about their kiss and decide that they need to tell Kara. Of course, Reign shows up around then and forces a cameraman to film her as she tells National City that she is there to show them true justice and cleanse the city. This does not sound good.

Over on Mon-El’s Legion ship, Alex, Winn and J’onn try to get the Legion to help fight Reign, but they decline. Mon-El says they can’t risk the future, but does say that Supergirl will survive and Reign will be defeated eventually. J’onn decides they have to go hard against Reign and that includes Kryptonite. Meanwhile, Alex goes to visit the Cult of Rao leader, Thomas Coville but he’s also no use. Since Supergirl lost to Reign he now worships the creepy Worldkiller.

Kara’s continued absence leads James to have to lie to Lena about Kara being sick. This leads Lena to going to Kara’s with soup. J’onn impersonates Kara so that Lena is none the wiser and ends up encouraging Lena to go for a relationship with James.

Back in Kara’s mind, it’s time to wake up but Kara can’t get out the door of her mind. Brainy surmises that it’s because Kara is holding herself back. Outside, Reign is attacking again. It’s only getting worse and Mon-El tells Imra that they really can’t help, but Alex presses him for why. It turns out that they have important information encoded in their DNA that will let them stop the destruction of an imporant planet.

Reign continues to, well, reign. DEO attempts to stop her fail and they quickly realize that the only way to stop Reign is to get kryptonite right into her veins. It’s something only Supergirl can do so Brainy goes back into Kara’s mind. Kara realizes that her mind wants her to find something and that something turns out to be a photo of herself with her cat, Streaky. Yes, that Streaky. She explains that she couldn’t pet Streaky at first out of fear of hurting him, but she eventually learned how to show affection to the stray-turned-pet, and when that happened she finally felt like she was human.

Again. Reign. This time she’s going after a prison and Mon-El decides they have to help. The Legion suits up to take on Reign, complete with a soundtrack by Bon Jovi. Reign engages with the Legion and Brainy, who is still in Kara’s head reveals that the fight is happening. Kara, finally accepting herself as both Supergirl and Kara, is able to open the door. She wakes up. Now it’s on.

Supergirl arrives, injects Reign. It slows her down, but Reign flees. After, everyone is trying to sort themselves out and Mon-El reveals he still cares for Kara. At CatCo James reveals he cares about Lena and they kiss again. Later, Kara and Alex are back to being sisters and happy, even if Alex is in a cast.

And Reign? She’s in her fortress where her hologram reveals to her that there are people who can help her… including Coville.

Next week? We’re heading to Fort Rozz!

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