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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 10 ‘Trial of the Flash’

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans! Last night the show returned for the second half of the season and, unfortunately, Barry is on trial. Want to know how it worked out? We have your recap, but as always, there are spoilers below. Let’s race into this. 

We begin with Barry having his mugshots taken following his arrest for the murder of Clifford DeVoe. Captain Singh questions him, but Barry reassures his boss that he is, in fact, an innocent man. Barry ends up released on house arrest, but thanks to Cisco, he is able to meet with Team Flash over at STAR Labs. Everyone is trying to figure out how to get Barry out of things, but he insists on just going through the normal judicial process.

Not content with that, Joe decides to collaborate with Ralph as Ralph has private investigator skills. This can’t be good.

Meanwhile, Marlize DeVoe is still upset about the body switch. It’s hard for her to look at a stranger who is now her husband, but somehow DeVoe works things through with her and they seem to be in a better place. Which is probably good for them because Barry is going on trial. Like right now. Super fast.

But bad things don’t stop because Barry’s in trouble. At Central City bank, a man is opening a savings account and he has a weird green glow. The teller and everyone he walks by ends up fainting when he passes them. This is definitely not good.

At Barry’s trial the prosecutor has a solid case. There’s the restraining order, the wedding present turned murder weapon. So much evidence, they even call Singh. Meanwhile, Joe is called away to deal with the metahuman at the bank. Cisco and Caitlin go along to check it out. Other things getting checked out? Marlize kissing the new Clifford. Ralph gets a photo.

Meanwhile the trial is not going well for Barry and Cecille suggests that Barry either needs to take a plea deal or own up to being The Flash. Barry refuses both. Marlize takes the stand and gets fake emotional, even when it comes to the photos. She concocts a story about how Clifford encouraged her relationship with this new guy and she’s very convincing. Iris follows Marlize out after her testimony demanding to know the motives ofr all of this. Marlize reveals that there is a master plan for the world, but won’t tell Iris what it is.

Elsewhere, Caitlin figures out that the people at the bank suffer from radiation poisoning and the metahuman gets his name: Fallout. Fitting name since the radiation is popping up everywhere now. Alarms go off and Cisco goes to check it out, but when they find a truck hauling nuclear waste they assume false alarm. Nope. Fallout was driving the truck.

At Barry’s trial, Iris bursts back in and is about to tell everyone that Barry is the Flash, but Barry somehow taps into a previously unknown power of his, allowing him to have Iris with him as they move faster than anyone else so they can’t be seen or heard. He reassures her that he has made his choice and that they can’t reveal his secret identity. It puts everyone they love at risk. Iris agrees. The trial continues.

Joe, desperate, has a plan to plant evidence inside the DeVoe house. Ralph manages to talk Joe out of it. At courthouse it’s time for closing statements, but Fallout is in bad shape. He has no idea he is spreading radiation and it’s getting worse. That’s when things get critical. Barry convinces the judge to let him leave during closing arguments. He suits up to go deal with Fallout, but it’s too hot. Cisco and Wells trigger Caitlin to become Killer Frost to cool things down and she tries, but he knocks her out. So much for that. Barry tries to create a vacuum to contain the radiation, but things get even worse as Fallout goes nuclear. Ultimately, Cisco vibes the energy to the dead earth, Earth-15.

Back at the courthouse, the jury is in. Barry is guilty of first degree murder. He is to be sentenced right away, but before that happens, Barry briefly confronts The Thinker, who reveals that he now also has his host’s telepathy.

In front of the judge, Barry is sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. At the same time, Singh holds a press conference honoring the Flash for stopping the nuclear threat.

And then, Barry is taken away. At Iron Heights he’s shown to his cell and it turns out he’s in his father’s old cell, back when Henry Allen was wrongfully convicted of murder, too.

Next week? No Flash, all chaos. See you then!

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