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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 11 ‘Fort Rozz’

Image Cred: The CW

Welcome back! Last night’s episode featured an all-girl team up in an attempt to get information that might help Supergirl fight Reign. But the ladies had to go all the way to Fort Rozz to do it. As always, there are spoilers below!

We open with Kara and Alex chatting with Sam and Ruby. Sam is headed out on a business trip, but her babysitter cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately, Alex volunteers. Kara then gets an alert and heads out herself, to the DEO. After hearing some more updates on Reight, she decides she needs help and intel. So, Supergirl tracks down Livewire and gets her on board to help.

At the DEO, Winn shows Brainy around their tech, but Brainy is a jerk and mocks it. Supergirl and Livewire stroll in and, to everyone’s shock, Psi and Imra join them. Yep. It’s a girl trip. Into space! The trick here is that Kara will be without her powers due to the fact that Fort Rozz is orbiting a blue star. This ought to be fun.

Meanwhile, Alex and Ruby are playing a game when Alex gets a text message from Maggie. It’s clearly emotional for Alex.

At Fort Rozz, the Superladies get ready and that includes unleashing Psi before they go onto Fort Rozz. Elsewhere, Sam turns into Reign and is alerted that Supergirl is on Fort Rozz. Reign is sent there to stop her. And things aren’t going great on Fort Rozz, either, with Psi using her powers on Imra.

Alex gets support from Ruby and then, Ruby asks Alex to help her with a problem at school. That problem turns out to be bullying and Alex scares the bejeesus out of the bully. This is one of those scenes that we strongly suggest you go back and watch because words don’t do justice just how well Chyler Leigh does in terrifying the bully. Check it out. You’ll be glad.

Back on Fort Rozz, the squad gets information about who they are really looking for but also discover that they are falling into the star. Psi also gets her powers damnpened again for what she did to Imra. Meanwhile, Kara and Livewire continue on looking for answers, but are separated due to a mysterious force.

On earth, the dudes are arguing and not being productive. Winn realizes that the Voyager probe is near Fort Rozz and they can use it to save the ladies in the Legion ship. On Fort Rozz, Supergirl finds Jindah Kal Rozz, but Reign rolls up to stop Supergirl from getting the information. Reign kills Rozz and reveals the star doesn’t impact her powers. Reign then goes after Supergirl, but Liverwire distracts her. Imra takes off Psi’s dampener and the two go to save Kara and Livewire.

Fight time. Reign goes to kill Supergirl, but Liverwire jumps in front of her like Antiope did for Diana in Wonder Woman. Liverwire dies a hero. Psi uses her power on Reign who is briefly turned back to Sam as a result, but Reign gets power back before anything is revealed.

Back home, Kara requests better accommodations for Psi. Ruby likes hanging out with Alex and Sam shows up, but reveals to ALex that she never made it on her business trip and has been losing time and she’s freaked out.

Mon-El gives Kara a serious pep talk about how she helped Livewire have a change of heart without her powers. And elsewhere in National City, two women are walking down the street when an out of control car strikes one. The strike one suddenly has super strength and her eyes flash just like Reign’s did. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your next Worldkiller, Purity.

See you next week!

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