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Album Review: Phillip Phillips Gives His All With ‘Collateral’

phillip phillips collateral

What a name, what a talent! Phillip Phillips, the artist with the unforgettable name and undeniable talent, is back and better than ever.

The singer-songwriter-guitarist, who rose to fame as the winner of the eleventh season of American Idol, is a fighter. From battling through health issues during his Idol run to holding 19 Entertainment accountable to unlawful business decisions, Phillips tackles his obstacles head on. Through it all, he refused to let any setbacks detail him from doing what he loves most — making music. Now, the time has finally come for the artist to reveal the project he’s been dying to share.

Phillips’ third album release, Collateral, the long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s Behind the Light, is an artistic evolution for the musician. Going above and beyond his signature blend of gritty folk-pop, Phillips daringly explores uncharted territories through incorporating new sounds and styles into his music. On this 12-track album, Phillips channels the good times, the challenging times, the lessons, and the love he’s experienced over the past three years into songs his fans will certainly connect with and enjoy.

Phillip Phillips Collateral 2018

Image Credit: Interscope Records

The lead single “Miles” effectively sets the stage for what to expect on Collateral—themes of navigating through rocky roads and choosing to lean on the ones you love. In “Miles,” the singer envisions escaping the chaos by disappearing far up and away with the only one he wants to be near.

He boldly taps into his rockstar side with “My Name,” an electric rock track with a killer guitar and drums section which is sure to be a favourite for Phillips and his band to perform live. Drawing on a similar rock vein, the tempting “Love Junkie” speaks of an affair so desirable and intense, it’s addicting. Similarly, the seductive bluesy number “Magnetic” is about the alluring push and pull of a strong attraction. The groovy funk-rock jam “Don’t Tell Me,” in which Phillips articulates the struggle to get over an abandoned heart once the other person has moved on, appears to follow the repercussions of such intensified attractions.

Phillips slows things down and dips into more sensitive and sentimental waters in the other half of the album. “Part Of My Plan” is an earnest ballad of steadfast devotion, in which he confesses to the one he loves that they are the one thing that makes sense in this crazy world. In the bluesy-retro waltz number, “I Dare You,” Phillips conjures up a beautiful image of two people dancing underneath the stars with the promise of trusting each other with their hearts. The romantic “Dance With Me” is a love song which will forever hold special meaning to Phillips, as he had written it for his wife for the first dance at their wedding.

There are many moments when Phillips displays his introspective, deep, and sincere storytelling skills. The haunting “Sand Castles” evokes storm-ridden imagery of crashing waves and a kingdom at war when discussing the strife of life. In the song most rooted in Phillips’ acoustic folk roots, the vulnerable “Her Mystery,” he unravels the sensation of letting down your guard and opening your heart to someone you feel is meant for you to know and be with. Accompanied with an acoustic guitar and cello, the most heartbreaking track on the album, “What Will Become Of Us,” wonders out loud — what happens next after our last goodbye?

The albums ends with the uplifting and sweeping closer, “Into the Wild,” in which he sings of a pact of sticking together through thick and thin. This message of love, support, and acceptance can easily be directed towards the loyal fans who have stuck with Phillips throughout the years. As far as pledges go, Collateral is one for keeps.

Collateral is available now to download or stream. Follow Phillip on TwitterFacebook, and InstagramSee Phillip live on the Magnetic Tour this February to April! For concert dates, visit phillipphillips.com.

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